''No Hesitation!'' Yang Chen Shows Its Ambition with Pipe Making Machines to Markets

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Not only toward U.S. & Southeast Asia, but Greece, Jordan, and Mid-East, Yang Chen, as an experienced pipe/tube making machines and polishing machines manufacturer, keenly moves its market channels from Taiwan toward overseas areas, publicizing its well-known technology & ambition as far as possible.


Yang Chen Steel Machinery Co., Ltd., specialized from other competitors, is stepping forward the tough market without hesitation. Having faith in itself with sharp market sense, Yang Chen, experienced with over 20 years experiment on tube & pipe making machines, undoubtedly occupies an influential position for decades.

Dedicated itself to tube/pipe making machines & polishing innovations, Yang Chen has also focused on optimizing its management of slitting line, other mills, polishing machines, & turn key service. As global material cost is rising, pressures from fierce competition within tough market cannot be released rapidly; but perhaps particular strategy--market segmentation--could make it different. Yang Chen precisely put this strategy into practice; it separates its production from machine-making to solution service, which features in slitting line of four standard models, cutting any piece of metal (not only steel/carbon but brass, cooper, and any special alloys) from 0.2mm up to 6mm for customized project, and willingly descends its expertise & skills to other beginners in this field.

Assuring its overseas customers' requirements, Yang Chen takes much effort to broaden its international reach to every market channel. In the beginning, it hardly differentiated the market by its pipe making & polishing techniques; till now, Yang Chen has stretched out its hands over Romania, Bulgaria, and Vietnam where it especially has reached approximately 60% market share, successfully parting the red sea from challenges. "Striving to survive in this global competition," the sales manager, Mr. Chang, mentioned, "We must--not only have to--maximize our production capacity, quality and reliability for this diverse market."

--Main products within overseas market channels

Exporting within U.S., California, Greece and Jordan, Yang Chen's Square Polishing Machine is a well-designed product, offering 3 standard models for customers to processing their polishing production. It deals with tube size from 15mm x 15mm up to 120mm x 120mm, and its high efficiency for mass production & high quality for polishing any metal such as carbon steel tube or stainless steel pipe can save buyer's time and cost.    

The H.F. Pipe Making Machine, which is another one of Yang Chen's main products exported toward Southeast Asia, Mid-East, Vietnam, and Greece, is offered 7 standard models of carbon steel tube/pipe making mills. To customized the dimension of tube & pipe, Yang Chen maintain processing and innovating its production lines to make tube thickness from 0.4mm up to 7mm, and pipe OD(outside diameter) from 9.5mm up to 220mm. Due to this process, Yang Chen gains more sanctions from overseas market channels.

Also supplied its other machines toward U.S., Yang Chen's Automatic Steel Sheet Slitting Machine is another main product highly recommended by American customers. Clients in pipe making & manufacturing business from U.S. are extremely in fond of it, of which standard models are 4 sorts. Including cold or hot rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, cooper, brass, galvanized and any special piece of alloys, this slitting machine can deal with various sorts of metal piece to satisfy any customer's need, maximizing each customer's production capacity.

--More services that Yang Chen can provide

Yang Chen has its own well-trained staff and expertise, and willingly gives clients assistance for turn key service. Neither assigning its senior sales/machinists to customers' factories nor descending its technology to clients are the only services, Yang Chen provides still other services like customized pipes/tubes/molds and experience-sharing about settling a factory.

According to it's strong will, Yang Chen expects to give its presentation toward worldwild manufacturers. No challenges can make it suspend from its own way of developing, Yang Chen definitely attempts to innovate itself day by day, showing the global market its ambition with no doubt.

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