US Mariners, Ship and All Anti-piracy Equipment Returning Home After Administrative Mistake

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Nexus Consulting applauds and supports the efforts to protect merchants

Nexus Consulting is proud to announce that all charges against the Master and crew of the US-Flagged vessel detained in Venezuela have been dropped. The vessel is finally on its way home, with all crew, cargo and anti-piracy weaponry having been returned by the Venezuelan government as of 1800 Sept 14th.

Nexus would like to thank the maritime unions SIU and AMO as well as Congressman Delahunt of Massachusetts and the owners and operators for their support during this ordeal. As much as Nexus wanted to publicly respond to critical comments made well before all of all the facts were known, the safety of the crew was paramount, and Nexus chose to remain silent on the story in order to not jeopardize any crewmember’s safety.

The world's mariners are unsung heroes, often putting themselves in harm's way to ensure sustaining commodities and commerce are transited throughout the world. While seemingly trite, Nexus even has a personal, vested interest in the safety of seafarers, as Nexus' CEO Kevin Doherty's younger brother is currently sailing through pirate infested waters as a 2nd engineer on a US flagged ship in the Persian Gulf.

As we mourn the loss of six Americans abroad this week, we give thanks to all those putting themselves in harm’s way, from Marines to SEALs, diplomats to mariners, Nexus gives thanks for your commitment to the American way.

About Nexus
Nexus Consulting was established in 2005 with a focus on security operations in high-threat theaters. In 2008, Nexus Consulting was the first maritime security firm to advocate for armed security teams embarked on commercial ships. In 2009, in the wake of the Maersk Alabama hijacking, Nexus embarked one of the first armed security teams on commercial vessels to protect US mariners, and has been providing security services to protect merchant mariners ever since.

Nexus works closely with various US and international governing bodies and continues to do so to ensure transparent operations in the increasingly difficult task of protecting mariners. In March of 2010, Nexus became one of the first security firms cleared and authorized to conduct anti-piracy operations from and through Oman. Later that year, Nexus, working closely with the US and Jordanian government, became the first firm to be authorized and cleared to conduct anti-piracy operations through Jordan. Since then, Nexus has been licensed and cleared for operations in South Africa, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, and many other locations.

Nexus has always been and continues to be highly cognizant and respectful all international laws and the authority of port-state controls, which from time to time are highly dynamic (for example, with rapid governmental control changes).

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