Pitchers Power Drive Continues Education Role with Professional Pitcher Drew Storen

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Pitchers Power Drive continues partnership with professional pitcher Drew Storen to help educate youth pitchers to use their stronger lower body muscles to pitch.

Drew Storen on Pitchers Power Drive

the Pitchers Power Drive is a tool that helps me to use my lower half to create the most power as I go towards the plate.” Drew Storen, Nationals

"We are proud to announce a 2nd year with our partner Drew Storen, professional pitcher with the Washington Nationals to educate young pitchers on the importance of pitching with the lower body. Having a very successful smaller framed professional pitcher in his 2nd major league year helps to create awareness with youth and high school pitchers to train their stronger lower body muscles to pitch with”, said John Miller, president, of Pitchers Power Drive. So many young pitchers depend on throwing with their arm vs. starting the pitch from the ground up with their stronger muscles. This ground force reaction creates energy that is transferred into the arm which is the final link of the kinetic chain Miller said.

Having Drew demonstrate how he uses is a great example for youth and high school pitchers and will help them visualize how important it is to use the lower body and hips in their own pitch delivery. The auditory click feedback produced by the Pitchers Power Drive tells the pitcher they are leading with their hips the correct way which Drew demonstrates.

All Pitcher Power Drive owners have access to a web base training site which is updated often with new drills from professional trainers and coaches. Miller said “having our own Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy in Boston assist us in the development of new training and continuous learning. Working with pitchers everyday in the lane to improve their skills and performance on the diamond reinforces the success of proper training” added Miller.
Miller stated “that he will team up with Drew again this year and other professional pitchers, Lance Lynn, with the Cardinals and Ryan Tatusko with Nationals at the Roundtripper Academy in Indianapolis to instruct young pitchers. Professional instructor Jay Lehr leads this annual holiday camp to teach young pitchers the proper mechanics of pitching” Miller added. With three professional pitchers demonstrating how they train on the Pitchers Power Drive the learning opportunity will again be successful like last year” Miller added.

Miller said “we are seeing arm and shoulder issues show up with young pitchers at a very high rate. Teaching pitchers to lead with their hips from knee lift produces what we refer to as backside initiation. This means the lower and upper bodies are working in sync together to produce the most explosive delivery. This all starts with the correct departure from knee lift by leading with the hips and lower body. Miller added this maximizes velocity potential and helps to take the stress off the arm and shoulder. Having Drew demonstrate this shows how he pitches at the professional level and continues working on Pitchers Power Drive to reinforce his lower body mechanics

Drew reached out to us as a result of his training on a Pitchers Power Drive in Indianapolis during the off season. He has strong confidence in the Pitchers Power Drive as a result of personally training with it for two years now. As Drew says “the Pitchers Power Drive is a tool that helps me to use my lower half to create the most power as I go towards the plate.”

Miller said “it is very important to help pitchers achieve success while staying healthy”. Drew Storen will help us educate pitchers of all ages to use their stronger lower body muscles which will help their performance and arm care.

The Pitchers Power Drive increases pitchers velocity potential by teaching hip lead with the head and knee positioned over foot to set pitchers weight back. It also teaches proper weight transfer and balance with the pitchers natural momentum delivery. See live video of pitching 60’6” on the Pitchers Power Drive at http://www.pitcherspowerdrive.com it demonstrates the teaching strengths of the Pitchers Power Drive for youth and high school pitchers.

About Pitchers Power Drive
Pitchers Power Drive is based in Holliston, Massachusetts. They are the developer of the US patented Pitchers Power Drive Professional / Collegiate model and the Pitchers Power Drive Youth model. They also designed the Hitters Power Drive and Softball Power Drive. The design of the Power Drive Training Aids comes from their extensive experience working with and training pitchers and hitters at the Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy. Pitchers Power Drive is a trademark of Pitchers Power Drive. To learn more about Pitchers Power Drive visit the Pitchers Power Drive website. You can also follow Pitchers Power Drive on Facebook, Pitchers Power Drive on Twitter, Pitchers Power Drive on YouTube, and on the Pitchers Power Drive Blog.

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