Editable Pivot Tables - Mission Is Possible with Pivot4U add-in for Microsoft Excel

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Have you ever tried to edit data in a pivot table cells only to discover that standard Excel does not support this operation? Wouldn't it be nice if something would make things easier? How about just setting the cursor on any cell and editing its value directly? Sounds easy and it is, if Pivot4U Add-in from Pivot4U Solutions will be installed.

Pivot4U Solutions today announces new version of Pivot4U, an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enhances it with a new feature - editable pivot tables. With Pivot4U Add-in, any pivot table, using an Excel sheet as source data, will grow into a powerful tool for planning, budgeting, financial modeling, calculations or form of data entry. All the power of budgeting and planning "FROM ABOVE-DOWNWARD" will become readily accessible without complex and costly software.

Pivot4U add-in is a unique tool that can make pivot tables editable, letting user change data directly in the pivot cells. The add-in can find source data for values and totals, enter changes and re-calculate totals - all automatically! Pivot4U can become a true helper when users do planning, budgeting, or work with any other statistical data. Users who install the add-in will have a strong competitive advantage over the colleagues. So far, there has been no other add-in for Excel with similar functionality. Using Pivot4U, anybody can revolutionize the way of work with pivot tables in Excel.

Today Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet applications. With it users can create just about any kind of spreadsheet along with an impressive list of formatting options, including the ability to create pivot tables. A pivot table is a data summarization tool that, among other functions, can automatically sort, count, and total the data stored in one table or spreadsheet and create a second table displaying the summarized data.

One weakness of Microsoft Excel comes from the missing option to enter or change the data directly in the data area of a pivot table. The pivot table is linked to the source data, and what users see in the cells of the table are read-only amounts. However, Pivot4U Add-in makes a pivot table editable.

Once Pivot4U Add-in is installed, users simply begin using it. After clicking on the 'Add-Ins' tab of MS Excel and selecting 'Pivot4U On' users can set the cursor on any cell in the pivot table and change the value in the cell. When the value is changed, all totals are recalculated automatically. As you see, the add-in is fairly easy to use right out of the box.

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