Superior VASER Technology at The Parker Center Simplifies New Jersey Breast Reduction for Men

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The Parker Center offers cutting edge VASER technology for liposuction. New Jersey men receive a safer, more efficient and simpler solution to their gynecomastia because of this technique.

Dr. Paul M. Parker

In inexperienced hands, results can be different

New Jersey breast reduction for men is one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed for men at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, New Jersey. The condition of enlarged or overdeveloped breasts in men is called gynecomastia. Because of the feminine appearance of the breasts, this is a very embarrassing and socially debilitating condition particularly because it presents itself as a young boy grows into a teen. While many pursue correction to the problem in their late teens and early twenties, New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parker treats men of all ages- anywhere from 17-61 and up.

At The Parker Center, Dr. Paul M. Parker uses Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) to treat gynecomastia. Because he uses the VASER system of liposuction, New Jersey patients get the most advanced and scientifically proven technique for removing excess fat in the breast area.

“Other advanced techniques available today use a laser system, but the difference is that VASER is proven scientifically and clinically in the removal of fat,” says Dr. Parker. “It is proven safe, effective and, in comparison studies, it is proven to offer superior results.”

VASER works by emitting an ultrasonic wave of energy from the cannula. This energy emulsifies the fat it has targeted making it easier for removal. Because their breasts are quite dense, this technique is particularly effective for New Jersey breast reduction in men. The melted fat pours around the fibrous tissue and out through the cannula.

After the liposuction, New Jersey gynecomastia patients have little if any pain and swelling. Prior to the procedure, patients follow Dr. Parker’s pre-operative rapid recovery regimen of supplements. While the procedure can be done under a local anesthetic with light sedation, patients are free to discuss their options with the certified anesthesiologists on Dr. Parker’s team. These steps facilitate the recovery process.

Other reasons for the painless recovery are that very tiny incisions are made for the cannula and there is little trauma to the tissue because of the emulsification of the fat. At the Parker Center, patients experience a minimally invasive procedure with minimal recovery time. Normal activities can be resumed in a week and more strenuous exercise and activities in as little as three weeks.

“In inexperienced hands, results can be different,” Dr. Parker warns. “I urge anyone who is considering plastic surgery to carefully select the right surgeon. In the very least, he must be board certified and experienced using the VASER or other type of equipment.”

While Dr. Parker can usually achieve the desired results through [liposuction, New Jersey] patients sometimes need more extensive surgery. “Depending on the elasticity of the skin and the amount of glandular tissue, I may need to make small incisions to remove this glandular tissue and even excise some skin to sculpt the chest area,” says Dr. Parker. He adds that even if additional incisions are needed, recovery is still minimal and the scars are not detectable.

Dr. Parker is board certified and has dedicated his practice to improving the lives of others in the safest way possible with the optimal results. This is why he thoroughly evaluates each patient to determine the best treatment. His staff is fully trained and certified, he has been working with the same anesthesiologists for over 20 years and his facility is state-of-the-art and ambulatory accredited. He has been using VASER for several years now and is more than satisfied with the results as are his patients.

“It is so effective in targeting specific areas and removing fat from the fibrous tissues of the breast that it is also referred to as liposelection,” says Dr. Parker. “I use it to treat not only gynecomastia, but other areas of the body as well. I give my patients a choice of traditional methods or VASER and, once they hear how easy the recovery is, most opt for the VASER.”


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