Short Men No More: Tall is the new trend

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Gaining an extra couple inches gives men extra confidence or makes them appear more of a leader, especially in corporate or political situations.

WalkTall Shoes

Gaining an extra couple inches gives men extra confidence or makes them appear more of a leader, especially in corporate or political situations

Shorter political leaders are rarely elected. Taller men get more promotions than shorter men. And women often avoid dating shorter guys. These might sound like myths, but if you're shorter than the average male, you know they are very true.

The average man in the US is 5'9", and if your height falls below standard, some people will look at you differently. Because of the media and other societal influences, people have stereotyped misconceptions about shorter people. People are often unaware that they are treating shorter people differently. This prejudice is usually subconscious.

Sure, there are short women too, but they can wear a pair of heels and easily make themselves much taller without anyone blinking an eye; but a man can't exactly throw on a pair of stilettos, can he?

Society's prejudices aren't going to change anytime soon, and high heels aren't going to become the latest fashion trend for men either; however, there is a solution that has been helping men feel more confident in not only their height, but also in themselves.

Akbar Pirani, along with his friend Shehzad Piyarali, founded WalkTall Shoes to cater to a market of men who want to enhance their appearance by walking tall. Their business successfully took off by first selling their shoes on eBay, then selling full-time through their website ( Pirani is 5'6", but when he wears WalkTall Shoes, he appears to be of average height. When Pirani met his wife, he was wearing the shoes. She jokes that she may not have dated him had he appeared to be a couple inches shorter.

You might think that height-enhancing shoes look funny or embarrassing, but they actually look completely normal. They are designed to look sharp and fashionable from the outside, while giving you a lift from the inside. And they aren't like shoe lifts that you slip into your regular shoes--WalkTalls are unique, because they have been specially designed to enhance height from the inside, while leaving enough space for your feet to walk comfortably--an important factor in a good shoe.

Most of WalkTall's shoes enhance height by 2.5 to 2.75 inches. This gives the optimum balance between comfort level, a non-bulky design, and a reasonable height increase. Shoes that enhance height by over 2.75 inches; comfort and design will be somewhat compromised.

All kinds of people buy WalkTall Shoes, including many celebrities--whose names cannot be released because of privacy purposes. Grooms often order WalkTall Shoes for their weddings. Most brides wear heels, making them tower over their grooms, so the height increase helps to balance things out. Women, who make up one-fourth of WalkTall's customers, often buy for their husbands or boyfriends. Society and the media often feed us with stereotypes that when a man is shorter than a woman, it looks wrong, funny, or is something to be ashamed of. But a little lift in height can avoid judgements and criticisms.

Although the shoes help many shorter men achieve a more average height, the majority of WalkTall's customers are actually average or above average height. "Gaining an extra couple inches gives men extra confidence or makes them appear more of a leader, especially in corporate or political situations". It's a fact that taller political leaders win elections more often than shorter ones. This will be proven true once again if Barack Obama wins against John McCain. Other high profile figures, such as movie stars, often feel the pressure to look taller as well. There's a buzz that Tom Cruise and the French president Nicolas Sarkozy also wear the concealed platform shoes to appear taller.

WalkTall Shoes don't change who you are, but they change how you appear to others. They allow people to see past your height, so that any prejudices or misconceptions don't get in the way of someone getting to know you or even promoting you. Wearing height-enhancing shoes are no different than grooming yourself to look your best. Taller men are appreciated in all cultures irrespective of geographical boundaries. WalkTall Shoes are a simple way to compliment your overall appearance. They can not only boost your height, but also your confidence--and everyone looks up to a confident man.

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