"Cash for Clunkers" Means More Tires to Recycle into Mulch Says Rubberecycle

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The popular "Cash for Clunkers" program helped the environment, but it also created a surplus of tires that are unsafe for the road. Millions of the tires from clunkers could end up in landfills as a result. Rubberecycle wants to help further the environmental benefits by recycling tires and turning them into mulch products that can be used for playgrounds and landscaping.

'Clunker' Tires Recycled into Mulch

RubbeRecycle uses advanced technology to turn tires into new products like playground surfaces, rubber curbing and landscaping mulch

RubbeRecycle, a company that recycles tires into mulch for playgrounds, wants to extend the environmental benefits of the popular 'Cash for Clunkers' program. The program means over 800,000 cars were traded in for more fuel efficient models. The problem is that there are over 3 million tires from those cars that could end up in landfills.

Used tires can be managed in an environmentally sound manner by making tires into new products and finding new uses.
"RubbeRecycle uses advanced technology to turn tires into new products like playground surfaces, rubber curbing and landscaping mulch," said Keith Sacks, Vice President of RubbeRecycle.

Cities have been using recycled tire mulch in parks for more than a decade now. The White House recently chose to do the same. They built an environmentally-friendly playground at the nation's capital. The surface they used is the RubbeRecycle's Playsaferâ„¢ Mulch, which came recommended by the National Recreation and Park Association and the International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association.

"The products made from recycled tires have been shown to be safe for kids and playgrounds. There have been more than a hundred studies over nearly two decades. It's recommended by the EPA and Consumer Reports has given it two thumbs up. It's safer than wood mulch, gravel and sand products," says Sacks.

He went on to say that besides the green aspect, playground safety is a focus: "Playsafer passed the egg test. That is, we dropped an egg from the top of a 14 ft. playground. It landed on our 6-inch cushion of Playsafer, bounced, but did not break," said Sacks.

The company currently processes between 10,000 and 12,000 tires a day and is designed to handle 2 million scrap tires annually.

About RubbeRecycle
RubbeRecycle introduced top quality rubber surfacing products to the commercial, residential and military markets in 1998. Our playground mulch conforms to all CPSC, ASTM, and IPEMA (The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) safety guidelines and is ADA approved. The pioneer in the tire recycling industry, RubbeRecycle utilizes the most advanced technology and equipment to recycle tires on site.

For more information and to see the many uses of recycled tire products, go to http://www.rubberecycle.com/

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