Sydney Plumbers Saving Local Landscapes With ‘No Dig’ Pipe Relining

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Sydney home owners are now benefiting from plumbing repairs that no longer need to dig through gardens and landscapes to fix pipes underground. Local Sydney plumbers Omega Plumbing now specialise in trenchless pipe relining that is helping to protect local Sydney habitats and landscapes from unnecessary destruction.

trenchless pipe relining Sydney

Omega Plumbing's trenchless pipe relining technology is helping to protect landscapes in Sydney

Home owners and even neighbours appreciate the contribution that protecting our local landscapes make to the quality of life in Sydney.

In Sydney’s tree-lined suburbs, one plumbing company is doing its bit to save the local landscape and gardens from unnecessary destruction.

Under every home and garden is a network of fresh water and sewer pipes, delivering the essential services Sydneysiders all rely on. But when something goes wrong with those pipes, it used to mean digging and destruction of the surrounding landscape. Now with Omega Plumbing’s ‘no dig’ pipe relining, Sydney home owners are finding they can avoid that unnecessary distress and protect their local habitats.

Problems in sewer pipes are common, and when they start leaking it can be an environmental hazard that needs immediate action. The old solution meant digging up a trench across the garden or driveway, destroying trees and plants along the way. Not only was it destructive, but many parts of the landscape couldn’t be returned to their original state.

Now specialist Sydney plumbers like Omega Plumbing can rehabilitate old pipes with ‘trenchless’ pipe relining that doesn’t involve digging. The first symptoms of an issue in need of repair can be a blocked sewer, leaking or flooding, or a strong sewer smell. The initial stage involves cleaning the pipes for inspection, and then using fibre-optic cameras to identify the issue underground. Home owners can then see the exact nature of the problem for themselves on the TV screen.

The ‘no dig’ trenchless relining technology works by relining the inside of the defective pipe with a new pipe. An epoxy line is pulled into place to mould into the shape of the old pipe, and is then cured to form a hard shell as strong as a brand new pipe. The benefit being that this can be accomplished underground without the need to dig up the old pipe.

“Trenchless pipe relining is changing the way home owners deal with blocked drains in Sydney,” says Omega Plumbing CEO Allan Ferguson. “We’re now able to save home owners gardens, driveways and trees from having to be dug up, and that’s making a real contribution to our local habitat, especially when it’s mature native plants that would take many years to replace. Home owners and even neighbours appreciate the contribution that protecting our local landscapes make to the quality of life in Sydney.”

ABOUT OMEGA PLUMBING’S NO DIG PIPE RELINING: Omega Plumbing Services are leading Sydney plumbers, specialising in the repair, rehabilitation and replacement of plumbing pipes underground without digging.    


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