6 Easy Tips To Keep The Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Clean

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Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day: Start by pulling out the kitchen faucet sprayer, unscrewing it from its hose, and setting it on the counter.

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All-metal higher-quality sprayers may be put together differently from their plastic counterparts. Typically, the spacer and seal will be replaced with an O-ring.

Commonly used to spray the dishes in the sink, the kitchen faucet sprayer is quite a busy little tool. “Sometimes,” according to Joe Kijowski, general manager in charge of plumbing Youngstown Mr Rooter operations, “the control lever breaks or sticks, and sometimes you may want to change out the sprayer entirely to match a different kitchen color scheme.”

Cleaning or changing the sprayer requires removing it, which is quite simple when you follow the tips provided by the northeast Ohio plumbing and drain experts, Mr Rooter Youngstown.

“Pull the sprayer as far as possible out of its receptacle hole,” says Kijowski. If it comes out only a short distance, it’s probably hung up on the pipes under the sink. “In this case,” says Mr Rooter, “untangle the hose under the sink so it’s clear of obstructions.”

Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day

Tip #1 Note the top and bottom separation line of the sprayer; this is where it comes apart. To disassemble, start by unscrewing the top from the base. Hold the bottom and twist the top toward you. Lay the top aside and pull loose the gasket and spacer.

Tip #2 Note the gasket is on top.

Tip #3 A U-shaped retaining ring holds the bottom half of the sprayer tight on the hose.

Tip #4 Remove it by snapping it off to the side with the point of a sturdy knife or a miniature screwdriver (don’t cut yourself and don’t lose the retaining ring).
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PRO TIP: Always push away from you when using a sharp tool – even a small screwdriver can puncture and the wound may not need stitches, but can be very painful. In a split second, the tool you are using can slip off of the object you are prying and in most cases the effort you are exerting will be enough to plunge the end deep into your palm.

Tip #5 Remove the collar from the hose.

Tip #6 Then soak all the kitchen faucet sprayer parts in hot vinegar for up to 1 hour to dissolve any lime on the parts or in the spray holes of the head. When you reassemble the parts, be sure the gasket ends up on top, not the spacer.

TRADE SECRET: There are some high-quality alternatives, as well as some whimsical styles. If the point is to add some character to your kitchen then whimsy might be a fresh choice. If the sprayer is used as a tool and gets a considerable amount of use (wear and tear), then choose something sturdy. All-metal higher-quality kitchen faucet sprayers may be put together differently from their plastic counterparts. Typically, the spacer and seal will be replaced with an O-ring. Their basic disassembly and cleaning are the same as for plastic sprayers. Brass fixtures would be considered the most durable and although polishing is necessary to keep them sparkling; add class, value and sophistication to your kitchen.

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