Period Vitamin Changes the Way PMS Supplements are Viewed Upon Second Release

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Period Vitamin provides a new and better alternative to PMS relief with the release of their second version by providing natural, safe, side effect free choices.

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A New Period Vitamin

A study was published in The Journal of American College of Nutrition. This study looked at the effects of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin E on PMS symptoms. The results were that this group of vitamins and minerals did ind

With more women seeking out healthy, natural alternatives, Period Vitamin seeks to provide the missing link between holistic remedies and PMS symptoms. Providing an alternative to over the counter medications and prescription drugs, Period Vitamin announces the release of their second version of the supplement that is reformulated to provide better results.

Being an all natural, safe, holistic option for women’s health and PMS symptoms, Period Vitamin changes the way supplements are viewed and creates a new category of supplement called hormone balancers.

The primary recommendation of doctors for fighting PMS symptoms is over the counter medication or prescriptions, leaving many women looking for other answered. Period Vitamin found a place in the natural market while being completely effective at eliminating PMS symptoms in women.
Period Vitamin is made from only natural ingredients that are supplied from the most reputable suppliers of herbs, minerals and vitamins. These are backed by a strong quality control system.

These herbs, vitamins and minerals were chosen be Period Vitamin based on a large body of research conducted proving the effectiveness of natural remedies for treating PMS. These studies proved through double-blind clinical trials that PMS symptoms can be effectively eliminated by utilizing naturally occurring herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Period Vitamin goes one step further to balance hormone levels all month long. PMS symptoms occur when the hormones in the body fluctuate. The hormone fluctuations dramatically reduce the levels of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the body. To counter balance this, Period Vitamin created a hormone balancer. This means that by taking Period Vitamin, the nutrient levels in the body stay up and PMS is not able to occur.

Many over the counter medications will treat the individual symptoms associated with PMS, but do not help to keep it from occurring all together. Period Vitamin created a product that provides the right nutrients so that PMS is not able to occur at all.

The first version of Period Vitamin provided the nutrients women needed. The second version, coming this year, steps up the formulation so that women are getting more the nutrients they need in their supplements and making is easier to fight PMS.

By providing an all natural product, Period Vitamin is committed to women’s health without side effects. Period Vitamin contains no animal by-products, fillers or preservatives. These are the ingredients that are responsible for side effects in other medications. This makes Period Vitamin completely safe and natural.

There is a great deal of research surrounding the use of natural remedies to fight PMS symptoms. When formulating Period Vitamin, these were the studies they relied on to choose the correct formulation to ensure the elimination of PMS symptoms for women.

In February of 2000, a study was published in The Journal of American College of Nutrition. This study looked at the effects of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin E on PMS symptoms. The results were that this group of vitamins and minerals did indeed reduce the effects of the PMS symptoms in women.

This particular study launched many more studies that were conducted between the year 2000 and 2008. Reviewed independently, it was proven that these minerals and vitamins all have a great impact on the reduction of PMS symptoms. These studies also showed that when combined with other herbs, these vitamins and minerals are incredibly effective.

Upon review of these studies and determining the right levels of nutrients required, Period Vitamin created a product that gives women the optimal levels of vitamins, mineral and herbs not just to fight PMS, but contribute to their overall health as well.

Not just a PMS relief supplement, Period Vitamin includes the appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals needed in a woman’s diet all month long. This allows women to fight the effects of PMs and get the nutrition they need to stay healthy.

Designed to provide women with a product that helped women have better health while having a symptom free period all month long allowed Period Vitamin to find their niche and give women the choices they have been looking for in a supplement.

The first version of Period Vitamin hit the market with great success. The second version has been reformulated to give women more nutrients they need to better fight PMS symptoms.
For more information about Period Vitamin, visit Period Vitamin is available on the website with free shipping and a money back guarantee. Period Vitamin is not sold in stores.

About Period Vitamin:
Period Vitamin was founded in 2008 by women seeking to better women’s health through all natural PMS relief. They are a web-based business out of Chicago, Illinois.

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