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Fun Lifestyles, with its exclusive website, http://www.FunLifestyles.com, has introduced a special product line, Elegant Comfort Portable Spas. The 2 portable spas are its Spa-N-A-Box and Spa2Go.

Fun Lifestyles, with its exclusive website, http://www.FunLifestyles.com, has introduced a special product line, Elegant Comfort Portable Spas. The 2 portable spas are its Spa-N-A-Box and Spa2Go.

“These are the world’s most attractive, truly portable and affordable spas which can easily be stowed and transported in an RV, boat or auto due to their lightweight and compact size. Perfect for travelers, as well as at home on their patio or deck, lake or beach house or wherever. This is the first time an RVer, Boater, or other travel-oriented enthusiast can take a spa along with them to enjoy and not surrender valuable space to do so,” said Larry Marshall, the on-line boutique’s CEO.

They pack away in amazingly compact space. The Spa-N-A-Box arrives in two small boxes, weighing only 80 lbs. and the Spa2Go is delivered in one small box, 2 foot. square box, weighing only 60 lbs.

“They will go wherever you go!” says Marshall, adding, “They’re so fast and easy to install…without any tools, too. It takes only 25 minutes to inflate the Spa2Go and/or 15 minutes to set up the Redwood-paneled hard-sided Spa-N-A-Box. Then you simply fill it up with water, using an ordinary garden hose (250 gallons for the Spa2Go & 300 gallons for the Spa-N-A-Box), attach either unit to its Power Pak, put on its insulated, lockable soft cover, plug into a standard electrical outlet (110 volt) and set the thermostat to your desired temperature (will heat to a maximum of 104 degrees with its 1000 watt stainless steel heater) and let it heat overnight. That’s all there is to do and you can then enjoy using it…at home and wherever you go.”

Both come with unique-sized filters (replacement filter paks and chemical kits are available) to keep water sparkling clean. Their invigorating, newly patented, 127 microjets surround the entire perimeter of the unit’s bottom, providing turbo-wave, whirlpool action. This pulsating action gives one a full massage from the lower back up to the neck, soothing tired, aching muscles and rejuvenating the whole body, rather than just having jets in one area, like most traditional spas.

“There’s not a bad seat in the house. Both Spas have ample room with their 6 feet diameter, with the Spa-N-A-Box seating 4-6 adults and the Spa2Go seating 2-4 adults. Very relaxing, as well as therapeutic, many people with arthritis, bad backs and other body ailments find them to be just what they need to make them feel much better and rejuvenated," says Marshall, continuing, “In fact, some healthcare insurance providers reimburse their patients for its purchase. Another key benefit is that, unlike a costly traditional spa, which is often unmovable when not in use, these portable spas are truly portable, and can be moved whenever and wherever you wish."

The round-shaped inflatable, Spa2Go, has an attractive, radiant blue color, while the octagon-shaped, Spa-N-A-Box is more decorative, looking like a traditional spa, with 8 simulated Redwood panels. Both use the same K80 grade vinyl as a whitewater rafting boats, so they’re extremely durable and can last indefinitely.. While the Power Pak is rated to use 15 amps, it’s so efficient that it actually draws only 9 amps, and uses only 110 volts. Electric utility bills will average only $4-6- monthly. Marshall contrasts this with the $30-$40 traditional spas average for their monthly heating.

The price points of the spas make them extremely affordable, an excellent long-term investment and great value, especially when compared with traditional, permanent spas costing $3,000 to $20,000. The Spa-N-A-Box retails for $1,699, but Fun Lifestyles markets them for only $1,499, while the Spa2Go, which retails for $1,299 is being marketed at an incredibly low price of only $899.

With over 40 products on their website, the Elegant Comfort Spas have become one of Fun Lifestyles' most popular items for personal use, as well as for entertaining guests.

Summarizing their innovative, really cool, features, Marshall says, “They’re so versatile that many RVers, Boaters and other travelers, for instance, who bought them for their travels, have found that they’re also the perfect spa for them to use at their primary residences or second homes, too.”

Larry & Joy Marshall, owners of this novel E-commerce company, Marshall Ecommerce, LLC, are themselves world-travelers and active RVers and have personally researched and selected “Fun & Functional Lifestyle Toys 4 Big Kids” to enhance their own lifestyle adventures and they enjoy sharing their wonderful, fun products with other fellow travelers.

The products have received rave product reviews by the million+ member Good Sam Club, Highways magazine and their new product evaluation committee, which hails it as "an absolutely fabulous, can't miss product, with great mobility & versatility, that can be used in practically any situation. It is also truly a bargain!"

Interested readers may view them at http://www.FunLifestyles.com or call the Marshalls, toll-free, at 888-488-3121 for more information or to place a credit card order.


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