Portland Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Offers 3 Quick Fat Blasting Fitness Tips

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Summer is here and staying in shape is a must for those beach goers, outdoor enthusiasts and for those who get the privilege of having the summer months off from school or work. Staying lean and trim can be a challenge and here are 3 quick fat loss tips to kick start the summer!

Fitness expert and Portland personal trainer, Kisar Dhillon, has a few tips that can be used to shed more fat off the body in order to stay fit in those swim suits and bikinis all summer long.

Fat Blasting Tip No. 1 – Make sure when doing cardiorespiratory exercise that the heart rate and intensity is high enough that watching television or reading a book is very challenging. Use the talk test, if the ability to speak a few words to get the point across is understood, then the right intensity is probably achieved. If no words can be spoken, then the intensity is too hard, but if a full conversation is being done during the exercise, then the intensity is too easy.

Fat Blasting Tip No. 2    - When doing resistance training, incorporate some high intensity interval training (HIIT). A lot of these types of routines can be done without external resistance and solely body weight. This is a great way to utilize those fast twitch muscles fibers in conjunction with expending a lot of calories within in a small duration. Furthermore, when working with a personal trainer, they will make sure the person doing this type of training has a good fitness base level. This is so important because having a good fitness base will require proper technique and biomechanics so injury is minimized when doing this type of high intense exercise.

Fat Blasting Tip No. 3 – When yearning for that lean, ripped, six pack look, make sure the food that is being ingested is healthy. Leaning out and wanting to look shredded requires a person to eat cleaner or healthier than someone who is just working out for better health and wellness. The food diet plays a critical role in achieving this look, so work with a Portland personal trainer and a registered dietician to get an exact food and fitness plan. Lastly, make sure fiber intake is adequate enough to make sure the entire digestive tract is working at its most efficient level. When fiber intake is neglected, that is when the bloating look appears and it is not good for the body if waste removal is not at its most optimal level.

These three quick fat blasting tips are perfect for anyone who is looking to stay lean, trim and looking good for the summer months. Remember, just because it is summer does not give people an excuse just to look awesome for summer. Maintaining a great physique, excellent health and wellness and a consistent fitness routine should be a priority all year long. We all know that in the winter months, it rains and snows in a lot of areas in the United States, especially in Portland, Oregon. If this is something that challenges the motivation component, then maybe consult a local fitness expert or Portland Oregon personal trainer to overcome that obstacle.

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