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Following the release of a June 10th article on spinal health, Finance Marlin offers advice to seniors regarding posture, longevity and fall prevention.

Remember the days when Mother used to admonish, “Sit up straight?” As it turns out, she knew what she was talking about. A article indicated that posture can be indicative of current and future health status.

Poor posture can indicate balance difficulties leading to painful and costly falls. According to the Sept 12th article released by the CDC, one out of three adults age 65 years and older, falls each year. The CDC reported that fall related injuries cost upwards of $19 billion each year for non-fatal falls. Lucille Reed, writer for Globe Life Insurance Company, gave a safety checklist for senior’s homes. Of the 10 things she mentioned 4 of them had to do with creating a safer environment for seniors to prevent falls.

Poor posture can also “…lead to painful joints and arthritis and internal problems,” says Dr. Daniel Knapp, a chiropractor in Sarasota for more than two decades. Good posture however, denotes a healthier, more active lifestyle – one that is free of pain and/or joint stresses, and that is good for seniors.

Given that the average person spends hours watching television each day or slumped over a computer, better posture becomes something one must re-train oneself to accomplish. Dr. Steven Weiniger, an Atlanta Chiropractor, says, “… posture is ultimately how your body is balancing. Even if someone is standing crooked, mechanically they are balanced or they would fall down.“ Here is a balance check exercise: stand up tall and straight then lift a leg so that the thigh is parallel to the ground (bent knee) and hold it there for 20 seconds. Repeat on each side.

Awareness is the key to good posture and a fuller global life. It does not mean a rigid, military bearing. Weak or stressed muscles or joints can cause pain and over-compensation. Posture and movement are linked and interdependent – good posture creates ease of movement and continued movement facilitates good posture. advises older adults and seniors to check their posture as a way to promote better health and potential healthcare savings.

Finance Marlin provides valuable information to seniors by finding a variety of ways they can save money and increase their quality of life.

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