Embracing an Unknown Quality: Potomac Seniors Village Provides Both Assisted Living and Hospice Care Services for Aging in Place

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Potomac Seniors Village, a senior care Maryland facility, is proud to provide not only assisted living services, but also hospice care services - a commonly unknown fact.

Choosing the right care for a loved one involves extensive time and research. Many factors such as age, health condition, and finances play into making the right decision for both the senior and the family. Many families and seniors look for homes that provide personalized care, a place where the senior is treated as part of a community, and is not just a number. More importantly, many seniors want to age in place, a concept where they can live and grow old in an environment that brings them comfort and security. Assisted living centers provide the care to seniors who need help with activities of daily living, while also maintaining their independence. However, when the end of life is near and seniors need support and comfort, many seniors who reside in assisted living centers are transferred to a hospice. Potomac Seniors Village, an assisted living Bethesda facility, is known for providing excellent assisted living services. However, a commonly unknown fact is that the assisted living provides outstanding hospice care services as well. Providing both services under one roof helps residents age comfortably in place.

An assisted living center is a facility that provides assistance with activities of daily living. The type of care provided ranges from level 1 to level 3, with level one being minimal care and level 3 being total care. Assisted living centers provide supervision and care, while also utilizing services provided by outside health care providers, for seniors to live and grow a happy and healthy life. Examples of services provided are 3 meals a day, laundry and housekeeping services, medication management and assistance with everyday activities such as grooming, dressing, eating/meal preparation and other personal hygiene. Seniors who live in assisted living centers stay there until there is a greater medical need that the assisted living cannot provide for the end of life. Hospice care is a concept that provides comfort and spiritual support when a senior is terminally ill or is near the end of life. This type of care focuses on palliative care and easing seniors with their pain and symptoms. Examples of services provided are controlling pain and symptoms, meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the seniors, and providing companionship so that seniors feel comfort and security in their surroundings.

When hospice care is needed, many residents who live in assisted living centers are transferred to other facilities where their needs can be met. Potomac Seniors Village, a senior care Maryland center, provides both assisted living and hospice care services. By combining the two health care programs in one facility, the assisted living Bethesda facility has many advantages which allow residents to age in place undisturbed. One advantage is that residents do not have to change the physical location of their home. Often it is difficult for residents to transition from one facility to another. If the two services are being offered in the same facility, residents can stay in their room. The senior care Maryland facility provides hospice services to residents without changing their room. Residents feel like they are in their own home and can take advantage of both programs.

Often residents move back and forth between both programs as well. For example, a resident may begin in the assisted living program, but become ill and begin utilizing the hospice care services. Many times residents recover from their illness and then begin using the assisted living program. Potomac Seniors Village, the assisted living Bethesda, understands that illnesses are unpredictable. Residents who experience frequent and rapid changes in health conditions have the flexibility to move back and forth between the services provided by the senior care Maryland center and the hospice care program.

Potomac Seniors Village is proud to be providing both assisted living and hospice care services. Assisted living services include 24-hour supervision, a furnished private or semi-private room, laundry and housekeeping, 3 home-cooked, nutritious meals every day, unlimited snacks, television/internet, assistance with activities of daily living(e.g. bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, eating), assistance with access to healthcare, social services, social activities, and physical assistance to residents, and administration of medications. The senior care Maryland center’s hospice care services include collaboration with the family and hospice team in developing a care plan for the resident that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The plan is tailored towards managing pain and controlling symptoms. Third parties, such as interdisciplinary hospice teams, may provide medical supplies and equipment needed for hospice care services. However, Potomac Seniors Village provides the environment and calm atmosphere which allows residents to feel like they are at home.

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