Powder Coated Wood Manufacturer Explains Wood Powder Coating Process and Benefits

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GCC Coatings recently released two all new articles to educate their customers about various aspects of powder coating wood. The published articles explain the process used to powder coat wood and also the benefits powder finishes have over the liquid paint alternative.

Powder coat wood parts through the gel oven

A powder coated wood part coming out of the gel oven

One of the first things I hear when people ask what we do is ‘I had no idea you could powder coat wood’. Once folks have an understanding of what it is we’re doing though you can just see and feel the excitement they have.

Applying a powder finish to wood is a fairly new technology that is finally beginning to go main stream. For years manufacturers have been able to powder coat metal. Spraying that same finish on heat sensitive substrates like wood, however, proved to be a big challenge. Things finally began to turn around when researchers came across a wood material that could withstand the heat, a method to heat the surface of the board, and a system that applied uniform thickness.

“There was a lot of trial and error going on in the beginning because researchers were trying to establish a process based on the technology being used in metal powder coating at the time,” said GCC Coatings Job Estimator Bart Maddrell. “Once they started from scratch and looked at all the possibilities things really started to come together.”

The two educational articles were recently published on the GCC Coatings website. In “How Do You Powder Coat Wood?” the manufacturer explains the process they are using to apply the powder finish to wood. Each step is broken down and explained in terms an average individual can understand. Their method is fully automated and quite efficient.

The other published article, “Powder Coating Wood Offers More Benefits than Using Liquid Paint”, discusses the difference between a powder finish and liquid paint. It also talks about some of the main benefits of powder coating including: the environmentally friendly nature of the process and materials used; the added durability powder coating brings to a substrate; and the cost advantage of the powder finish.

GCC Coatings is the child company of Greenberg Casework Company Inc. Since 1985 Greenberg Casework Company has been manufacturing custom casework and cabinetry. Examples of their quality work can be found in schools (from elementary to college), hospitals, department stores, and condo projects across the country.

About ten years ago Greenberg Casework Company expanded into the consumer market with a line of powder coated wood garage cabinets. Those cabinets are sold through child company, RedLine Garagegear. The powder coating process was brought in house soon after so the manufacturer could better maintain and control its lofty quality expectations.

Demand for powder coated wood has steadily risen over the past few years prompting Greenberg Casework Company to start GCC Coatings in order to offer their service to other manufacturers. With hundreds of successful runs under its belt GCC Coatings is now working to educate the masses about what they do.

“One of the first things I hear when people ask what we do is ‘I had no idea you could powder coat wood’,” said GCC Coatings President Troy Greenberg. “Once folks have an understanding of what it is we’re doing though you can just see and feel the excitement they have. It’s an awesome experience to introduce someone to something that is better than what they were doing before or that is better than the other options they have looked into.”

GCC Coatings plans to publish even more articles covering general topics and frequently asked questions over the next few months. The manufacturer highly recommends that companies interested in powder coating educate themselves prior to making any decisions. GCC Coatings fields questions that are not answered on its website by phone (815-624-2332) or email (info(at)powdercoatmdf.com) and also offers a powder coated wood sample kit.

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