New Wood Powder Coating Article Details Powder Coated Wood Curing Methods

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GCC Coatings continues to provide educational materials to potential clients and customers with its latest powder coated wood curing article. The company is building a wood powder coating virtual reference collection to help spread the word about how the process works as well as the features and benefits of its use.

Powder coat wood parts through the cure oven

A powder coated wood part coming out of the cure oven

Of the three options I really think we chose the best curing system. It allows us to get the parts to the perfect temperature without causing any damage at all to the part.

In its latest full disclosure article, powder coated wood manufacturer, GCC Coatings, explains the types of heat ovens that could be used to cure a powder coat. The newest article provides a concise, yet in depth analysis of the three curing ovens being used by powder coat wood manufacturers.

Curing is the final stage of the process; occurring just before the parts are packaged. During this crucial step powder coated parts are rapidly heated to the optimal curing temperature. Giving the parts time to cure allows the powder to create a strong, durable bond. In ‘There’s More Than One Way to Cure a Powder Coat’, the company also reveals which cure method it uses and why.

“Of the three options I really think we chose the best curing system,” said GCC Coatings President Troy Greenberg. “It allows us to get the parts to the perfect temperature without causing any damage at all to the part.”

Powder coated wood has been around for some time now but maintains an unfortunately low profile when compared to other wood coating options. Powder coating has been used for many years in metal manufacturing and a number of common metal made consumer goods have been powder coated (i.e. bicycle frames, barbeque grills, and the door handles on your car).

GCC Coatings has powder coated wood components and parts for point of purchase store fixture displays, pinball machines, garage cabinets, and a plethora of other end user products. The garage cabinets are sold to homeowners in the United States and Canada through a network of dealers (and direct to consumers in areas where no authorized agent is established) through the manufacturer’s sister company, RedLine Garagegear.

“The great thing about the powder finish is the added durability it gives the surface of the MDF (medium density fiberboard),” added Troy. “It is the perfect finish for our RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets because one could potentially have temperature extremes, fluctuations in humidity, and even a little use and abuse in a typical garage environment.”

Both GCC Coatings and RedLine Garagegear are child companies of Greenberg Casework Company Inc. In 1985, Greenberg Casework Company began building custom cabinets and casework for medium to large commercial projects. The company’s work has been installed in schools, hospitals, department stores, and condominium homes throughout the U.S.

Nearly ten years ago Greenberg Casework Company entered the consumer market with its powder coated wood line of RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets. A powder coating system was added to the company’s manufacturing facilities in South Beloit, IL a few years later. GCC Coatings was created to provide powder coating services to other manufacturers interested in taking advantage of its unique benefits.

If you would like to learn more about powder coated wood manufacturing, be sure to visit the GCC Coatings website. There you will find a wealth of information and the manufacturer also offers free samples to potential clients and customers.

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