The Power8 Workshop -- A Power Tool Game Changer?

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A keen eye for design and a heart for functionality, Chris Elsworthy and CEL UK have proven that power tools and gadgets can go hand-in-hand.

"Beautifully crafted...really brilliant." Suzi Perry - The Gadget Show

Every now and again a product comes along that demolishes axioms. Power tools, long held to be utilitarian in form and use, were perceived to be unsexy and were only hankered after by bearded men in flannel shirts.

But one product has gone a long way to changing such attitudes - the Power8 Workshop by CEL UK.

CEL UK was founded by Chris Elsworthy in response to two of his passions; DIY and product design. Chris had spent years designing products that had made his employers lots of money, but when he conceived of the Power8 Workshop he decided he'd design and make this one for himself. In a few short years the Power8 Workshop is selling in over 20 countries and was heralded by TV's The Gadget Show as their top power tool.

The genius of the Power8 Workshop is also what makes it a must-have gadget, desired by people who have neither beards nor flannel shirts, such as the Gadget Show's Suzi Perry. Toolstop caught up with the gadget expert recently at the Ideal Home Show in London's Earl's Court, where she described the Power8 Workshop as "beautifully crafted," stating "the way Chris had worked everything together was…really brilliant."

TV DIY expert Dave Wellman called the Power8 Workshop a "transformer" as he enthusiastically put the power tool through its paces on The Gadget Show. And transformer is an apt way to describe what the Power8 Workshop actually does in practical use. Chris visualised a workbench whereby all of your hand tools are transformed into bench tools, with the workbench itself providing the power. Here's how it works; your basic cordless power hand tools slot into the workbench, power being supplied via a rechargeable battery. So, an ordinary power tools such a cordless drill driver becomes a small drill press when it's applied to the workbench. Or your cordless handheld circular saw transforms into a table saw when it's attached to the workbench. Each power tool has dual uses, one in your hand and one in the bench.

As you'd expect from any power tool, you're afforded the portable flexibility in your workspace thanks to the supplied rechargeable battery. But when the battery is slotted into the workbench, the hand tool is fitted to the bench, suddenly you have a whole new range of applications for your tools. And because the workbench itself is completely portable, your workshop is wherever you are.

The Power8 Workshop is rightly described as a gadget, namely a small, mechanical device or tool that is especially ingenious or novel. It's a game changer in the power tool market, helping to change the way power tools are traditionally perceived. Suddenly you have a complete workshop and a comprehensive set of power tools that double as bench tools, all powered by rechargeable battery technology in a portable form factor.

Since designing and developing the Power8 Workshop, Chris has gone on, via CEL UK, to apply his keen eye for functionality and "must-have" design usefulness, releasing a range of gardening and hand tools, such as the CEL MT1 Multi2PRO multi-tool, once again combining the portable functionality of cordless power tools with the must-have desirability of gadgetry.


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