Power Liens Adding Key New Features To Help Personal Injury Lawyers Nationwide Better Find The Doctors On Liens They Need

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In the world of Personal Injury Law, attorneys often have trouble finding the right doctor for their client. One website is trying to make it easy. Their new update to their filtering tool is being added to address many attorneys concerns.

Power Liens Doctor Map and Filters

They thought this new filter would be a great addition and have their engineers implementing this feature immediately.

When someone gets in a personal injury accident, it's often their attorney who refers them to the right doctors to see. The problem is, however, many clients may not have (or may not want to use) their own insurance to cover the treatment. In these cases, the attorney will look for a personal injury doctor who works on lien. This means that the doctor is willing to treat the patient without asking for immediate payment. Instead, the doctor is willing to wait until the personal injury case is settled and collect his fees from the other party's insurance company.

Often, attorneys have a difficult time finding the right doctor for their case. Either the doctors they have worked with are too far from their client, or they can't find the right specialist (such as a neurologist, plastic surgeon, or an orthopedist who specializes in hand surgery). The team at Power Liens aimed to tackle this problem by developing the most comprehensive list of doctors who work on a lien basis. The website is simple and completely free to use.

Power Liens executives said today that they received feedback from the attorneys who wanted to add the ability to filter doctors based on whether they provide transportation for their patients. They thought this new filter would be a great addition and have their engineers implementing this feature immediately.

For more information, visit PowerLiens.com. Interested parties can also read more about Personal Injury cases below.

Types of Personal Injury
Some of the most common causes or personal injury include: Vehicle accidents (car accident, tractor-trailer accident, motorcycle accident, and boating accident), Medical malpractice, Wrongful deaths, Workplace accidents or workplace injury, Products liability, Dangerous drugs, and Airplane accidents

There are many types of personal injury doctors who work on personal injury liens. Some of the most common are: Chiropractors (Chiros), Orthopedists (Orthos), Neurologists/Neurology, PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), Physical Therapists, Pain Management, Neurologists, Radiologists / MRI FAcilities, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists

There are many types of bodily injuries that can result from negligent or intentional acts, including: Brain, Concussions, Traumautic brain injury, Spine (paralysis), Organs, Skeletal system (broken bones), Muscular injury (neck and back), Whiplash, Burns, Broken bones

There are different types of negligence that can cause personal injury: Medical negligence, Dog bites (premises liability), Slip and fall (premises liability), Failure to obey traffic rules and regulations, Product liability

In some cases you may be the victim of intentional injury:, Situation where the harm was expected or intended, Assault, Battery, Defamation

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