PowerSurvival.com Recommends a Solar Charger to Keep Wireless Phones Working While Stranded in Car During a Snowstorm

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A recent ABC news release states that Coconino County sheriff's spokesman Gerry Blair recommends staying in the car if stranded in a snowstorm

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The Sun was shining brightly enough to melt water, as well as power a portable Power Travel Kit

PowerSurvival.com recommends a solar charger to keep wireless phones operating while stranded in a car during a snowstorm. A recent 'ABC Good Morning America' press release quoted Gerry Blair, a Coconino County sheriff's spokesman that an Arizona student survived being trapped in her car in a blizzard for 10 days, but she might have been able to call for help earlier if the battery on her wireless phone had not been dead.

"She did not have a lot in the way of provisions or warm clothing," the sheriff's spokesman said. "She had a cell phone with her but she told us that she couldn't use it because the battery was dead, and then I guess at some point because of the cold it became completely disabled."

During the 10-day ordeal, she said that she jammed snow into a water bottle and placed the bottle on her sedan to have drinking water, proving that the sun was shining brightly enough to melt water, as well as power a portable Power Travel Kit, like the one by PowerSurvival.com.

The Power Travel Kit includes the Nomad 7-watt foldable solar panel, the Guide 10 rechargeable battery pack and the Rock-Out stereo speakers and is offered at a 34% discount, or $119.95. The Monocrystalline Solar Panel can charge anything that plugs into a cigarette lighter adapter, as well as the battery pack, speakers and wireless devices like GPS or phones. Adding the Steamer Beverage Heater to the mix will even provide 150-degree hot water, a plus for melting snow.

Staying in her car is what saved the ASU student’s life, but other tales of stranded travelers do not have such happy endings. Earlier this year, a 56-year-old Canadian woman was rescued after being stranded for almost two months on a desolate logging road in Nevada. Her husband, who left her to go search for help, is still missing. And in 2006 a mother and her two young daughters were miraculously rescued after becoming stranded for nine days in the remote Oregon wilderness. Her husband walked for 16 miles in treacherous conditions to search for help, but was found dead a week later from hypothermia.

"When people are stranded like that, if they leave their vehicle and try to walk out, the mortality rate goes up. We are thankful that she was with her vehicle when we found her," the Sheriff's spokesman said.

PowerSurvival.com is an Emergency Preparedness Company carrying solar-powered recharging devices and emergency power backup systems for blackouts and does business in all 50 states. For more information, visit their wholesale website at PowerSurvival.com or call them toll free at 866-305-1753. To see more press releases, visit their News Articles page.

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