Marketing Company Reveals Secret to Pay Per Click Success

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Webrageous has found that campaign optimization is the most important aspect of pay per click advertising after conducting extensive research.

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Campaign optimization is not just about analyzing what is happening in your pay per click campaigns, but why it is happening. That’s where web analytics comes in.

Extensive studies by pay per click management company Webrageous have revealed that campaign optimization is the single most important part of pay per click advertising.

By optimizing pay per click campaigns, advertisers achieved better quality scores, lower bid prices, and a higher number of conversions.

Advertisers who focused on optimization across the board achieved far greater success in both the short term and in the long term. Making sure that keywords, advertisement text, URLs, landing pages, and Internet user device all lined up in a pay per click campaign were all highly important components of campaign optimization.

While most pay per click advertisers focus on click through rate, conversion rates, cost per conversion or cost per click, Webrageous has found that campaign optimization is essential to achieving pay per click success.

“While these other measures certainly cannot be ignored, Webrageous has found that conversion optimization is more often than not overlooked,” Webrageous’ Director of Marketing David Chapman said.

“Campaign optimization is not just about analyzing what is happening in your pay per click campaigns, but why it is happening. That’s where web analytics comes in.”

Web analytics can actually discover what people are doing after they land on a website, rather than just how many conversions are being made. This is a crucial part of campaign optimization and in achieving pay per click success.

“We have tested this theory out on hundreds of clients and have found that the biggest telling signs for optimizing pay per click campaigns are things like bounce rate, average time spent on the site, or the number of pages visited,” Mr. Chapman said. “You can tell a lot by a pay per click campaign’s success or failure by studying these statistics.”

These are some of the key measures needed in order to determine where a pay per click campaign needs to be optimized:

Time spent on website:
This measure is used to see how many minutes visitors spend on a website. While an online order on an e-commerce pay per click site might take a few minutes to complete, for pay per click advertisers with one-page lead forms, the shorter time a visitor spends on the site the better.

Bounce rate:
The bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors to a website who visited a page and then left the site. Again, with an e-commerce pay per click site, a high bounce rate is not a good thing, while with advertisers who use pay per click to generate leads, and the lead form is on the same page, this is not a bad thing at all. In fact, a low bounce rate probably means no one is converting.

Numbers of pages visited:
This is the average number of pages that any one person visits on a website. Webrageous expects at least five pages per visit for e-commerce sites, but less than two pages for one-page lead forms. Anything outside of this scope probably means you are failing to attract the highest number of conversions.

Things like knowing who the client is, working out your campaign goals, designing your website correctly, checking that the campaign settings, daily budget, ad groups and keywords are appropriate, and measuring and optimizing your conversions are all important parts of campaign optimization.

“Make sure, however, that you are not only looking at averages,” Mr. Chapman said. “In order to get the best from a pay per click campaign, advertisers need to look for telling signs about how well a pay per click campaign is performing.

“Without this type of campaign optimization, you are never going to be able to achieve the type of success that every advertiser should expect from pay per click advertising. If you are not getting the results you are after then it is time to seek a pay per click management expert.”

For more information about pay per click campaign optimization and the results of Webrageous’ study, contact David Chapman for an interview at 530-553-1111, or visit the company website:

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