Specialized Bedding Helps Exercise Enthusiasts

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Bedding could help those who suffer from night sweats enjoy better sleep

The DermaTherapy fabric used in Cool Sensations has been shown to improve sleep quality by more than 60 percent in clinical trials.

Many exercise and workout enthusiasts have suffered from night sweats that aren’t attributed to health concerns. Fitness experts say the nocturnal perspiration can result from the body’s need for a prolonged period of temperature re-adjustment after a vigorous workout.

For those whose sleep is interrupted by periods of extreme sweating during the night, Cool Sensations® bedding, made with Precision Fabrics Group’s DermaTherapy® performance textiles, can help.
“Reducing the discomfort and sleeplessness associated with night sweats pays off for those on a workout regimen who know getting at least eight hours of quality sleep each night is critical to getting maximum benefit from their exercise program,” said Traci Broughton, DermaTherapy product manager for PFG. “The DermaTherapy fabric used in Cool Sensations has been shown to improve sleep quality by more than 60 percent in clinical trials.”

Many people relate night sweating to an effect women experience during menopause. But in reality, there are many reasons that people – both men and women – can encounter night sweats. Nighttime sweating related to a rigorous workout regimen falls into that category.

Medically speaking, a body’s temperature varies throughout the day, ranging on average from 97 degrees in the morning to 99 degrees in the early evening. During exercise, more than 70 percent of the energy the body uses to power muscles is converted to heat. During a workout, the body can typically get as warm as 105 degrees, causing the body to trigger its sweat mechanism to dissipate the excess heat. For serious exercisers, especially those who work out at the end of the day, the sweating can persist until well after bedtime.

In addition, after a workout, the body’s metabolism has to go to work to adjust all of the new energy and food in the body. Sometimes, the thyroid gland reacts to this by releasing more hormones, which can result in night sweats.

“That’s where Cool Sensations can help,” Broughton said. “This bedding is constructed with innovative fabric technology that wicks moisture away from the body and speeds evaporation, providing a drier, smoother sleep surface that cools the skin surface and improves the amount of uninterrupted sleep. In studies involving people suffering from night sweats, improvement in sleep patterns was reported in as little as two weeks.”

Broughton adds, “Cool Sensations’ uniquely structured fibers also are very smooth and non-abrasive to the skin, which increases the comfort factor during sleep. And another feature important for people who experience night sweats is that Cool Sensations bedding has a wash-proof antimicrobial treatment that helps maintain freshness and eliminates odors on the fabrics caused by bacteria that can be associated with perspiration.”

To learn more about DermaTherapy’s line of Healthy Bedding products, visit http://www.therapeuticbedding.com.

Cool Sensations® is a trademark of American Textile Company. DermaTherapy® is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group Inc.

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