Yottamine Analytics Delivers Big Data Prediction-on-Demand for Pennies Per Minute in the Amazon Cloud

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Performance, Scalability, and Automation Allow Faster Machine Learning with Less Human Guesswork

At the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit here today, Seattle-based Yottamine Analytics, a pioneer in high performance prediction, announced the availability of Yottamine Predictive Services (YPS), a family of cloud-based software services that enable data scientists to rapidly build highly accurate predictive models on-demand, with less trial and error, and at the lowest possible cost. The company also announced the availability of YottamineR®, a free R language programming interface for Yottamine’s growing family of predictive services.

YPS is available exclusively to users of Amazon’s AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3). These services allow YPS users to “rent” just the amount of computing power and data storage they need to build new predictive models using input data of any size, from business and scientific information to Big Data from the Web, machines, and sensor networks. YPS produces robust, efficient models that can be used to score very large data sets on AWS or on other systems.

Yottamine Predictive Services enable the computer to learn from known cases and then build models that can be used to make predictions about new cases. Predictive models can be used in many different ways, including detecting fraud, recognizing faces, reading handwriting, filtering spam, predicting human behavior, and even diagnosing illnesses.

In addition to being fast, accurate and scalable, Yottamine’s predictive modeling services are also highly automated. YPS suggests optimal parameter values, saving hours of tedious tuning, and the software automatically calculates and provisions AWS resources, eliminating system administration chores.

“Until now, companies wanting to do predictive modeling had to use research software that is clumsy and slow or use commercial code that is complex and expensive; they had to buy a lot of hardware to run it on; and they had to spend hours tweaking the software every time they used it.” said Dr. Te-Ming (David) Huang, Yottamine Analytics Founder and CEO, adding, “YPS offers another, better choice – easy, on-demand access to powerful prediction services for pennies a minute, without all the guesswork and busywork.”

YPS uses highly parallel Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithms that are optimized for running on scalable cloud computing clusters and for working with Big Data. YPS currently includes four different algorithms for solving different kinds of problems – Linear, Gaussian, Polynomial, and Nearest Neighbor.

YPS services are priced from $10 to $50 per hour, per compute node, depending on algorithm used. For a limited time, new users will receive their first month free and second month for half price.

Data scientists can access all of Yottamine’s services using the R statistical programming language with YottamineR®, a free downloadable R programming package. It enables R programmers to easily build, score and visualize new predictive models using familiar tools, and to incorporate Yottamine’s predictive services into existing workflows. Please visit http://www.yottamine.com/YottamineR.html for a demo.

About Yottamine Analytics

Yottamine Analytics was founded in 2009 by Dr. Te-Ming (David) Huang to commercialize his original research in machine learning by offering cloud-based predictive modeling solutions that are faster, more scalable, easier to use, and more affordable than other available solutions. Yottamine Analytics now offers a growing family of high performance machine learning services, programming interfaces, and user interface tools. For more information, please visit http://yottamine.com.


Tim Negris
VP Sales and Marketing
Yottamine Analytics

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