Is the Focus on Prenups Destroying Families

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A recent study reveals that there is a better way of managing marital risks, than focusing on signing a prenup. A prenup threatens the permanency of a marriage. The missing quality knowledge and advice you've always wanted to know is now available.

Due to the high rate of marital failure, many financial planners and lawyers are advising their clients to better secure the assets they acquired while single, than to risk losing them if they marry the wrong husband or wife, and need a divorce later. The result? It is now becoming trendy to sign a prenup to spell out how your assets will be split in case you divorce in the future. However, a recent study is revealing that putting your focus on signing a prenup is not the best strategy if your goal is to build a joyful family. Here is why:

If both husband and wife are ideal for each other, and they agree to the mutual needs of safeguarding against financial loss, then a prenup becomes a source of peace of mind to benefit both parties. And this was especially true in circumstances where there is children’s property from the previous marriage, or where one had inherited assets with conditions that would be affected by a divorce. In such special circumstances, a legal contract spelling out this (third party protection) is the right thing to do.

In most circumstances however, many justify the need of a prenup because they believe that success in choosing and keeping a true lover is a matter of luck, and that divorce is just an accident! Sadly, this false belief has created fear, and more people today are only focusing on protecting their wealth, on the suspicious assumption that their fiancé(e) could be another gold digger. Many good men and women now think that their fiancé(e) is out to get them, and all these negative beliefs and false assumptions are truly destroying many families and communities. No wonder, this study shows that a prenup indeed protects the money, but it also programs the mind for failure. Below are some of the unpleasant consequences experienced by the interviewed prenup users:-

This study found that the partner with fewer assets was always left wondering which of the two agreements is more believable! Was it the trial commitment preceded with a prenup, or a total commitment involving marital vows promising to forever be one as a family? Here is the actual tight spot for the partner with less: On one hand you have jointly become one in the traditional spirit of family, but on the other hand you do not want to be a party to your spouse’s liabilities or problems, and s/he is not taking your 401k, your home, your assets, or your heart if you divorce in the future.

During this study, one prenup user who quit the relationship asked the author these hard-hitting questions: “How confident would you feel in a marriage where you are not trusted? How would you feel if your spouse thought you were a gold digger waiting to divorce in the future? How joyful would you be in such a ‘love’ relationship where you are undervalued?” Simply stated, they had contradicting needs and expectations from their marriage; the wife wanted true love, and the husband wanted to protect his assets from his wife. And later, when the husband suggested that they should get a baby, the wife asked him, “So how much will you pay me for carrying your child?” The prenup had sent the wrong signal, threatening the permanency of their marriage. The evidence is in writing for you to study everything you need to know.

Now, here is the good news: There is a solution to this challenge. This study revealed that there is a smarter way of managing marital risks, than transferring all the risks to the spouse with fewer assets. And the smarter way is to acquire the right knowledge to protect not only your money, but the core of your family’s peace of mind and quality of life. No one should ever come out feeling like a loser. There is no reason to stay in denial. The quality knowledge and advice which has been missing is now available in one package to help you in choosing and keeping your true lifetime lover.

The major breakthrough news about this study was that it revealed the existence of a clear path that leads to a lasting and successful love relationship. Best of all, this study also developed the first indispensable decision-making tool that guides you to foresee and manage the risks and uncertainties in choosing your true lifetime lover from the millions of singles out there. Furthermore, this study proved that marriage is all predictable, and anyone can learn to make decisions that stand the test of time.

Now for the first time, anyone can gain the deep understanding needed to build a strong and lasting love relationship. You do not have to be an expert, and you do not need to settle for the 50/50 guesses. It’s been simplified; anyone interested can confidently grow a rich and fulfilling love relationship. All this life-shaping wisdom is in a new #1 How-To workbook titled, 10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage, by Alex Mugume.

The 10 Steps to Success in Love and Marriage, is one of the best resource books for the high achievers who desire to master how to build a joyful family. You’ll learn how to avoid the common marital mistakes, gain the essential dating skills to foresee and create your desired marital destiny, and most importantly, discover the 15 success mindsets to enable you to become a better spouse and live a truly satisfying love life.

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