Prescription Glasses Not Needed to Restore 20-20 Vision According to New Book

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Prescription glasses are no longer needed to restore 20-20 vision according to a new book written by a retired optometrist. Duke Peterson discovered these vision secrets through years of working with vision correction to have 20-20 vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Prescription Glasses Not Needed | 20-20 Vision
In my career I’ve helped 80-year olds to see like 16-year olds again.

Prescription glasses or contact lenses are reportedly worn by over 65 percent of the current U.S. population. Studies and theories have been researched for decades to find the cause and a cure for bad eyesight. One former optometrist has reportedly found a natural way to restore vision to 20-20 accuracy. Duke Peterson, former optometrist turned author, has written and published a new e-book that reveals his findings and studies for the first time in his 30-year career. Duke claims that any person with less than 20-20 vision can now cure this issue naturally without requiring prescription glasses or corrective contact lenses.

Prescription corrective lenses are big business according to economic data published in financial magazines. Some of the largest corporations in North America own stock in or own research laboratories that produce consumer corrective lenses and related pharmaceutical supplies. The cost of an eye exam, eyeglass frames and follow up visits can be one of the largest family expenses for a family that has more than one household member with a vision problem.

“In my career I’ve helped 80-year olds to see like 16-year olds again,” said Duke Peterson, former optometrist now author of the 20-20 Vision No Glasses book. “My new book reveals information how to correct a variety of vision problems that real people suffer from,” added Peterson.

Conditions such as lazy eye, glaucoma and cross-eye can be caused by irregular muscle movements in the eye socket. According to Duke Peterson, these conditions are learned movements that a person picks up early in life. Since muscles control the movements of the eyeball, once irreversible vision conditions can now be reversed if someone knows exactly what to do to fix it.

Someone that does not yet wear glasses could experience discomfort and symptoms that could lead to eye problems in the future. Things like tension headaches, light sensitivity and eyestrain can all affect the way that a person focuses on near and far objects. The new information revealed in the 20-20 Vision No Glasses book can help someone to reverse preexisting vision conditions or to eliminate the factors that can lead to deterioration of daytime and nighttime eyesight accuracy.

About 20-20 Vision No Glasses Book

Duke Peterson is a former optometrist that spent most of his career fixing the problems that people were reported to have with eyesight. During his tenure as an optician, he performed research and studied constantly to find out the cause of vision problems and worked for many years to find a solution to correct it. All of the information that was gathered in his studies is now available in the 20-20 No Glasses e-book. Anyone with a vision problem can learn to correct it in a short period of time and say goodbye to corrective eyeglass lenses and contacts.

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