One-Year-Old Company Preservation of Wealth, Inc. Offers Members At-Cost Pricing of Bullion, Gold and Silver Coins

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At Preservation of Wealth, members receive at-cost pricing of precious metals, including immediate full access to bullion coins and bars. With Preservation of Wealth, which will mark its one-year anniversary on July 1, members have access to an investment method that is going to trend upward and increase in value, as opposed to typical investments that actually depreciate over time.

Purchase American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins at Dealer Pricing.

To protect yourself from inflation: "Do what the Chinese are doing buying commodities ... Silver is the #1 investment and Silver is a smoking deal"Robert Kiyosaki. Author of "Conspiracy of The Rich"

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Preservation of Wealth, a members-only site offering at-cost pricing of bullion, gold and silver coins, is pleased to celebrate one year in business this coming July 1. Since its founding in 2009, the company has offered its members exclusive access to precious metals at the most competitive prices. Members receive the same gold, silver, platinum and other metals, and the same American Eagle, Maple Leaf, Panda and other coins at significantly lower prices than can be found elsewhere.

“Cash is trash. Every year, the government prints trillions of dollars in new money, which dilutes the value of the dollar and pressures inflation upward. Yet few people know this, as financial advisors often don’t even bother to inform their clients,” says George Matus of Preservation of Wealth. “Savings accounts, bonds, retirement funds -- they all lose value. If you earn interest, you are taxed on it, while at the same time, the buying power of your money spirals downward. Investing in precious metals, such as those available from Preservation of Wealth, is the alternative.”

Shocking as it may seem, millions of honest people trust their bankers, financial advisors and governments to protect their hard earned savings, while in reality they are marching toward retirement under the poverty level. The true purchasing power of savings through traditional investments such as bonds and retirement funds diminishes with each passing year. As a tangible asset, bullion, gold and silver coins will not see their value diminished, especially with their increasing scarcity.

For only $249, any U.S. citizen can purchase a Member Agreement with Preservation of Wealth, which offers dealer wholesale pricing for a full year. Members can then begin their collection with two one-ounce American Eagle Silver Coins that are included in the membership and immediately shipped upon joining. Preservation of Wealth members pay no monthly membership fees and receive membership perks that are continually added and designed to save them money.

As well as access to unbeatable prices for investment grade silver and gold, Preservation of Wealth has a secondary opportunity built in: members can earn an unlimited income by referring sales through free marketing Web sites -- all with no additional cost, Web site fees or autoship cost for a full year.

Members who opt to join Preservation of Wealth’s referral program will find that the program offers many benefits. Users have no monthly sales quotas to meet, meaning they may work at their own pace, how they want, when the want. Users also receive a free, state-of-the-art, highly efficient back office system featuring drag-and-drop functionality. A free marketing system allows members to employ a professionally designed lead capture system, while complementary travel, gas, cruise, vacation and grocery vouchers to more than 3,500 locations worldwide serve as an additional bonus. In addition, Preservation of Wealth’s commission structure is simple to understand, easy to explain and pays the highest commissions of its kind.

“Investing in precious metals? Joining an exciting network marketing company? No doubt Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Conspiracy of The Rich’ would give you two thumbs up for making two wise decisions,” Matus says.
For more information about Preservation of Wealth or to begin investing in precious metals such as bullion, silver and gold, visit


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