New Physician Developed Pharmaceutical Strength Supplements Targets Telomeres, The Body’s Biologic Time Clock

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Less than a decade ago telomeres, the genetic material at the end of our DNA strands were considered junk but now science has proven that ALL wrong. Telomere specific supplementation is based on the understanding developed from the science that resulted in the award of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 to Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szostak.

This recent [telomere] discovery is changing medicine and with it everything we ever thought we knew about aging.

Telomeres are segments of genetic material residing at the end of our chromosomes that protect our DNA and determine the maximum lifespan of a cell, and ultimately a person. It is a true biological clock. But biological clocks are not as predictable as chronological clocks. which move at a steady and predictable pace. Biologically, our cellular time clocks (telomeres) diminish, maintain or grow at varying and unpredictable rates. Telomeres are susceptible to change based on diet, fitness level and emotional well-being.

These discoveries mean that ailments once believed to result from a cruel roll of the genetic dice and the passing of time may now be able to be prevented. The secret lies in controlling how fast your biologic fuse, the telomere, burns out. Dave Woynarowski MD, developer of the Telomere Edge Packs says “Shortened telomeres create inflammation through a unique pathway very different than the inflammation that is caused by poor diet, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle. The inflammation caused by telomere erosion plays a critical role in all diseases of aging. When telomeres get too short, the fuse burns out, cells stop dividing and when too many cells stop dividing, death occurs.”

This new knowledge empowers everyone. We are no longer captive to our genetic predispositions of disease and aging. 70-80% of factors determining whether we become afflicted with illness or disease is in our control. “Thanks to new discoveries about telomeres and telomerase, we can reset our biological clocks and redefine “aging gracefully;” we call this new measure health span,” said Dr. Woynarowski.

"To live as long as possible while maintaining vitality-to keep telomeres from shrinking too fast- the right supplements are needed to put up the strongest possible defense against the disease of aging. Until now there was not a clear understanding of what it took to maintain healthy telomeres", said Dr. Woynarowski.. The Immortality Edge Pack is the only supplement regime that includes the most important combination of natural substances designed by a physician specifically for the purpose of preserving telomere length.

The key is to take the supplements that really matter. The Telomere Edge Pack protocol is based on the latest scientific discoveries proven to help slow telomere loss. The convenient daily AM & PM packets include the most important vitamins, herbs, amino acids and nutrients for preserving telomeres.

For most people increased telomere length means improved energy, a longer, healthier life and a stronger immune system. Other effects of reducing telomere loss includes younger looking skin, improved vitality and sexual performance, better tolerance to sugar and cholesterol along with fewer aches and pains.

The Pharmaceutical Grade Telomere Edge Packs include well researched nutrients such as:
Omega 3 Fish Oil- reduces inflammation and stress, protects DNA from oxidation and according to a five year medical study published in JAMA found participants with the greatest dietary intake of EPA an DHA had the longest telomeres and those with the lowest dietary intake had the shortest telomeres.

CoQ10- utilizing the more bioavailable ubiquinol form this potent antioxidant helps keep energy output up to help keep genetic material, including telomeres, healthy and helps cells’ mitochondria young which results in greater vitality for cells and telomeres.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine- supports detoxification, boosts the “master antioxidant” glutathione’s levels in the body and helps maintain the integrity of cells and telomeres.

Vitamin D3- is an inflammation inhibitor which reduces stress on cells thereby keeping telomeres from shortening too rapidly. A female twin study provided strong evidence that D3 dramatically slows the rate of telomere shortening.

L-Carnosine-reduces inflammation, boosts immune system and reduces effects of glucose damage and protein oxidation. According to research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing it dramatically reduces the rate of telomere shortening. Some studies even suggest it may be a telomerase activator.

Phosphatidylserine- binds to and inactivates the stress hormone cortisol. Studies by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and others show how stress speeds up the shortening of telomeres.

Telomere Edge Packs are currently available online at

About Dr. Dave’s Best
Dr. Dave’s Best is a nutritional supplement company offering physician-developed formulas using only independently evaluated and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD., board certified in Internal Medicine and a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is an authority in preventative health, anti-aging and nutritional supplements. He started Dr. Dave’s Best in 2002 to introduce a new category of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that provide the highest-quality and most powerful supplement solutions for natural aging and healthy living.

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