Celebrity Agent Celebrates 2010 with Two Closings at Palms Place - Asks Obama to Keep Marketing Vegas

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From challenging President Obama - to making some of Las Vegas’ most notorious sales - one rogue real estate agent tells his city that the opportunity to rise up to recovery is now.

Palms Place - Las Vegas

This planet and city are ready for a change. Revolutionary products like Apple’s iPad as well as websites such as Facebook and Twitter have given consumers the power to destroy corporate hubris, fuzzy math, and manipulated newspaper articles. All that’s needed now are new leaders - I’m one of them.

The scene was New Years Eve, 2009. ‘Hip-cool’ revelers attended VIP parties at fancy new hotel-casinos on the Strip. Yet this edition of America’s Party was missing one of the key persons who made it all possible, Aaron Auxier. Recognized for his outrageous real estate sales and willingness to speak his mind for the best interest of his city and clients, Auxier was snubbed from the celebrations. Instead of kissing up to Corporate America, he stood his ground.

While others toasted and faked smiles, Auxier was at home working on his popular monthly newsletter VIVA VEGAS! Luxury Real Estate Update. After all, New Years or not, a new era began tomorrow. 2010 was to be the year Aaron Auxier initiated a movement.

With every corporate blunder and presidential flub, Auxier’s movement seems to gain momentum. The self-proclaimed ‘New Age Guru’ believes that through innovation and Social Media, networked consumers will lead America into the future. “I don’t believe in following the status quo one bit,” proclaims Auxier. “This planet and city are ready for a change. Revolutionary products like Apple’s iPad as well as websites such as Facebook and Twitter have given consumers the power to destroy corporate hubris, fuzzy math, and manipulated newspaper articles. All that’s needed now are new leaders - I’m one of them.”

After a solid finish of 2009, just two days into the new year, Auxier – known as ‘Hollywood’s Connection to Vegas’®, put into escrow his seller’s high-floor, Strip-facing party pad at the celebrity-favored condotel Palms Place. Better yet? Through his knack for getting seen on TV, his Social Internet portfolio, and being called a ‘Realtor to the Stars’ in trendy publications such as VEGAS Magazine and 944, Auxier located and represented the buyer too. Recently, the transaction successfully closed escrow. It represented the first two closings of 2010 in the chic high-rise project.

With deposit holders hesitant to close escrow on other high-priced, pre-construction properties on the Strip, Auxier says his iPhone has been busy with calls for now-affordable alternatives. “In 2010, our focus is on properties that make real estate agents and our clients feel wanted – Palms Place is one of those communities.” Other properties he likes for 2010? Panorama Towers, One Queensridge Place, and The Ridges in Summerlin. As far as Strip properties, he feels that some developers have failed to listen to, and properly support, both niche brokers and high-rise enthusiasts. Auxier believes this could lead to radical condo project modifications and/or cancellations in 2010.

“There's too much condotel inventory in the pipeline,” he explains. “I warned gaming execs and CEOs of this five years ago but they didn’t listen. Let this be the reality check, when it comes to the Strip condo market, there's not a single ‘suit’ who's smarter than those of us connected to the street. We know our business and are the ones who drive the market.”

Auxier says that only with audacity can Vegas recover. Like many, he believes the city has become too corporate and that a taste of ‘Old Vegas’ and private ownership needs to return. By browsing several Vegas forums online, it's apparent that boutique shops, repeating slots, expensive restaurants, and hard-to-get-into nightclubs have aggravated the very visitors that made Vegas boom. “Like it or not, Wall Street has harmed the city in ways that would have Bugsy Siegel turning in his grave.”

For years, Auxier has criticized the media for refusing to report important facts regarding the difference of the condotel market vs. the true residential high-rise condominium market. It’s his feeling that consumers are being mislead about the product and inventory differences in the Las Vegas luxury high-rise condo market. He adds that President Barack Obama’s continued tendency to slam Vegas’ already down-on-their-luck citizens and economy is a failure by city leaders to properly market that Vegas has become much more than a place to lose money.

“With President Obama’s 2010 punch, unlike last time, I didn’t react. Instead, I saw an opportunity to educate the president and the world on how Vegas has evolved. This is not just a place for gambling, it’s a mecca for entertainment, hope, affordable real estate, great weather, and outside-the-box thinking. You can’t put a price on that, and America knows it. Now is the time to initiate our recovery.”

Auxier encourages Obama to keep mentioning the city. Some of his biggest sales have happened after Obama’s two slip ups. “Every time the president tells people to not spend money in Vegas, they seem to get mad and rebel. As far as I’m concerned, Obama can become Vegas’ new marketing and PR guy. I’ll be a very rich man if he keeps it up. There is no such thing as bad press.”

For a long time, Auxier was the media’s darling. In 2007, he set the top two residential price-per-foot records in the history of Nevada (records he still owns). He was making television appearances around the globe. But then, some of the publicity stopped. By pointing out journalist’s mistakes (including shaming Time Magazine for a sensationalized story they ran and calling out CNBC for a blog they wrote about him), Auxier become somewhat of a heretic. However, as the media stopped calling, he kept talking (mainly through his eccentric monthly update VIVA VEGAS!) – while building a loyal online following.

Auxier believes that the cost of being ahead of the curve is that mainstreamers will tell you that you ‘can not and should not’. He explains that’s where the magic lies, where the ‘wavemakers are born’. Something must be working for him. In a market where many have blasphemed Sin City as dead, according to a recent post on his Facebook profile, in 2010, Auxier has already put a penthouse condo at Panorama Towers into escrow, as well as moved someone into the prestigious Regency Tower in the ‘Rat Pack throwback’ guard gated, golf course community Las Vegas Country Club.

Auxier concludes that the future of Sin City can be found in it's history - with a focus on friendly competition and making people feel wanted again. Perhaps 2010 will mark the return of such a mindset, a movement inspired by courageous ‘New Age Gurus’ such as Aaron Auxier.

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