Daimer Unveils a Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner for Powerful and Effective "Green" Chewing Gum Removal

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High-powered pressure washers with advanced technologies and unprecedented cleaning power eliminate unsightly black gum spots in seconds. New wet steam cleaners dissolve up to 1200 wads per hour or up to ten times faster than other methods, and require no chemicals or agitation.



Daimer® is proud to launch the Super Max™ 12800, a powerful electric pressure washer system with the most advanced technologies to eliminate up to 1200 gum pieces per hour without using any brushes or harmful chemicals, and with dramatically lower ...

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the most respected supplier and U.S.A. brand of cleaning machines for use on both commercial and industrial levels, including such technologies as versatile car wash equipment, patented stationary pressure washer equipment, mobile gas pressure washer systems, high temperature hot water pressure washer machines, and high pressure truck mount carpet cleaning equipment, with total models exceeding 700 supplied to customers in over 200 countries, has debuted the Super Max™ 12800, a mobile and portable yet trailer mountable 1000 psi, 2 gpm commercial pressure washer machine. Others using vapor steamers and alternative technologies can take days to remove the same amount of wads as the Super Max™ 12800 can remove in merely several hours.

The model features Daimer®'s exclusive Super-Hot™ technology, generating temperatures as high as 330ºF. The system is an easy "point and shoot" method that not just melts, but actually vaporizes gum wads, cleaning at a much faster rate than any other technology on the market. Quick and effortless removal of gum wads is absolutely critical, especially for those cleaning large surface areas.

Professional charging for services simply cannot afford to take too long to clean. Excess time and effort are enemies to contractors, so the Super Max™ 12800 is definitely a cleaning pro's friend.

“Gum wads stuck to sidewalks, parking lots, brick, concrete, and most any other hard surface are not just truly ugly, but also extremely difficult to remove for cleaning professionals,” says Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesman Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is proud to launch the Super Max™ 12800, a powerful electric pressure washer system with the most advanced technologies to eliminate up to 1200 gum pieces per hour without using any brushes or harmful chemicals, and with dramatically lower water flow rates than other options.”

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 12800 is oil-heated and electricity-powered industrial pressure washer equipment with tri-mode technology that allows operators to choose from hot water, wet steam, or cold water modes. The temperatures can be changed from the wand within seconds.

The robust commercial pressure washer reaches the highest temperatures within only approximately 30 seconds, due to the system's super-quick heating ability of the machine. The electric pressure washer system's temperatures as high as 330ºF offer eco-friendly cleaning, as operators clean quickly with much less water usage than inferior, non- Daimer® methods.

Approximately $2 billion worth chewing gum is sold just in the Unites States alone every year, and the total value of the complete chewing gum industry equals a whopping $19 billion. 100,000 tons of gum are consumed each year. Since chewing gum sales increase each year, the consumption and disposal rates are rising as well. The most favorite target of gum-disposing citizens is open ground areas like sidewalks, parking lots, and more.

Maintenance people use various gum removal methods, such as the use of vapor steamer machines, cold water pressure washer machines, hot water pressure washer systems, scrapers, and many other less effective techniques. Unfortunately, the time taken by the vapor steamer machines to remove chewing gum is about 1000% slower than that of the Super Max™ 12800 , even though vapor steam requires chemicals, brushes, and a lot of "elbow grease".

Hot water pressure cleaners just displace the gum from one part of the surface to another. Cold water pressure cleaner machines, on the other hand, need high flow rate and pressure as well as chemicals to attempt gum removal, and still provide ineffective cleaning results. In addition, high pressure washer machines can permanently etch concrete. Scrubbing gum pieces is still the most ineffective method that takes considerable time and effort.

The Super Max™ 12800 from Daimer® is completely mobile, as it is available with wheels. The industry's best pressure washer machines can even be placed onto a skid without any additional cost for van, truck, or trailer mounting, and the 12800 is no exception. Customers can merely specify their preference.

Daimer® offers 300 feet long hoses for cleaning professionals looking to work at a distance without moving the machine. The electric pressure washers includes Daimer®'s special Long Hose Technology (LHT), allowing users to add long hoses to the equipment without any effect on temperature and flow rate, and relatively minimal impact on pressure levels.

For Additional Information:

More information on the Super Max™ 12800 is available on the Daimer® website, or interested parties can call Matthew Baratta directly at (888) 507-2220. The equipment are shipped to most countries across the globe.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the world's leading U.S. supplier of literally hundreds of models of gas pressure washer systems, vapor steamers, portable carpet extractor machines, carpet steamers, various steam car wash machines, pressure cleaners, hard floor cleaning machines, gum removal equipment, and other machines for professional auto detailing, steam car wash applications, tile and grout cleaning, industrial degreasing, kitchen cleaning, and thousands of other tasks for a worldwide customer base.

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