Titan List and Mailing Services Takes Print Advertising Into the Digital Age

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Despite an increase in digital advertising, direct mail continues to be a relevant and effective method of business promotion. Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., shares its experience as a print business in the age of the Internet.

Jared Braverman, director of marketing at Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc. has heard it all before: “Print is dead,” said the bloggers and talking heads. As the new millennium began, a clear shift was taking place that was moving consumers away from print and towards digital media. Bills were paid online. News was received digitally. Paper was becoming obsolete. This seemed to indicate death for Direct Mail shops.

“There was a very strange time in the industry when businesses first started experimenting with internet marketing techniques such as pay per click and banner marketing as opposed to tried and true techniques such as direct mail,” said Braverman. “There was a swing towards internet marketing. But in the end, the results varied. The effectiveness of Direct Mail has been consistently strong and the print business has only grown despite companies like Facebook, which is essentially a giant online ad machine, growing astronomically.”

Recently, Titan List and Mailing Services boasted the best month in its fourteen-year history. In June 2012, they serviced over 90 mortgage customers in one week, which resulted in over a million direct mail advertisements being designed, printed, and mailed throughout the United States.

The continued success of direct mail lies in its carefully researched data lists that can target specific consumer brackets, delivering thousands of advertisements into the mailboxes of qualified customers who are in need of the service. Reaching consumers in this manner has proven far more reliable than the kind of blanket marketing seen on the Internet in which impatient customers reflexively ignore pop-ups and sidebars.    

“Internet marketing has its place. No one is disputing that. But what makes our method so timeless and valuable is the tangibility of our methods,” said Braverman. “When someone receives a personalized, eye-popping flyer, it gets their attention and keeps it, and almost necessitates inquiry. Remember, we know they can benefit from the service. That’s why we send them out. It just works. We deliver something consumers can touch and feel.”

Another benefit of direct mail is the ability for the advertisement to linger on the counter or desk of the potential buyer. This increases the chance that he or she may act upon their initial interest. To bolster this spirit of investigation that often leads to sales, Titan List and Mailing Services, Inc., has combined print and digital media by offering web designers that will build web pages that correspond with specific advertising campaigns. QR codes can also be printed on direct mail advertisements that consumers can scan with their smart phones to get instant access to promotions online. This has been important for corralling consumers who prefer operating online.

“It’s natural for a customer to want to do further research. Some people just want more than a phone number. So we’ve been getting a lot of results from the Internet. It just makes sense to harness the broad, easy access of web-based advertising with the personalization and tangibility of direct mail. Even the largest internet based companies that specialize in internet marketing, such as Google or Facebook use direct mail for advertising. That tells you something about advertising that’s very clear,” said Braverman. “Direct mail works.”


Titan List & Mailing Services is a full service advertising and design agency specializing in direct mail and mortgage marketing, mailing lists and data lists, internet marketing and SEO, and website design/ graphic design. Titan List has been around since 1998, and has a team of highly qualified individuals with experience in the marketing trends that fit your business. Unlike other agencies that source their work out, Titan Lists handles the entire campaign in-house - Data Lists, Design, Printing, Mailing, and Postage.

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