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Imperial Jets, a private jet charter brokerage based out of New York City, is eliminating their online quote system and exclusively having their aviation specialists personally furnish rates.

Imperial Jets, a private jet charter brokerage based out of New York City, is eliminating their online quote system and exclusively having their aviation specialists personally furnish rates.

You are on a private charter company's website, and you get the $50,000 quote for the Falcon 50 you were seeking from Madrid, Spain to Bissau, Guinea. You click the submit button, so they can get back to you with payment instructions, and reserve a two night stay at the Sheraton/Hotel Bissau. You get the email reading that they are working on your trip and will get back with you confirming the flight details. The next day you get the final quote: $75,000+ on a Learjet 55. What happened to the Falcon 50 at 50? From ex to the next I'd say, and I'm off to the search engines.

An online automated quoting system will show a jet available tomorrow for a flight transporting a party of 10 on a heavy jet. Some aircraft require owner approval with a wait time surpassing the date of the posted availability. If owner approval takes three, four, or five days to be confirmed, you will require another plane at another price.

Aircraft can show to be available even if it is down for maintenance. The operator's database will transmit data to the quoting system that the aircraft is at its base, but if its down for maintenance, how will it be able to fly?

Operators admit that automated quoting systems show mistakes because they are automatic and will post information on aircraft available for a future trip even if the aircraft is already booked by another traveler on the planned date. A quoting system can show that a G400 is available for charter to transport 14 people - the standard passenger capacity - and the aircraft may have been modified to fly 10 passengers. You would thus require a different aircraft with distinct operating costs.

Quoting systems will also show a jet to be available out of a certain airport even if that airport's runway is too short to allow a successful take off of that particular jet. You would then pay for positioning to another airport from which the aircraft can depart that would hike up your final quote.

Moreover, automatic pricing typically does not cover tax, base charges, landing fees, flight attendant, overnight, and rent fees, and fuel surcharges. Operators sometimes just post lower numbers so brokers that are facilitating your flight will call.

Operators repeatedly instruct aviation specialists that the only way to get accurate availability and pricing is to give them a call. An aviation specialist is in constant contact with their operators and will accurately inform the passenger on whether aircraft is available in real time. Further, you could tell an aviation specialist how much you've got budgeted, and an aviation specialist can rule out quotes above your price range immediately. Not all operators post their aircraft availability and pricing in online databases to be quoted automatically. Aviation specialists have access to more operators to give you a better a chance of getting your preferred rate.

Inclusively, only an aviation specialist can indulge you with perks such as complimentary stays in five star hotels when you invest a set amount on a trip or an on-demand charter card to pay for future trips. Only an aviation specialist can furnish special catering in accordance with any dietary demands, luxury ground transportation, special security measures, and other peripheral services. People spending on average $20,000 on a private jet charter simply require impeccable personalized customer service that automated quoting systems can't offer.

Visit Imperial Jets, so we can personally secure your private jet. One of our aviation specialists will contact you and immediately seek the most appropriate aircraft to accommodate your flight at the price that you demand.


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