Hyper-Threading Private Geo-Proxy Servers Unveiled for Search Engine Marketers

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Trusted Proxies today unveiled secure, fast, reliable private Proxy Servers available in multiple Geographic locations designed specifically for Search Engine Marketers. Legitimate users of Search Engine Ranking Software can generate reports 20-30 times faster because the Hyper-Threading enables dozens of queries to run in parallel without fear of getting blocked by being mistaken as rogue bots by the Search Engines.

Hyper-Threading Geo Private Proxy Servers for Search Engine Ranking Software

Hyper-Threading Geo Private Proxy Servers provide a fast, secure, reliable, always available platform designed and optimized specifically for Search Engine Ranking Software and legitimate Search Engine Marketers

Users of Search Engine Ranking Software such as Advanced Web Ranking, Web CEO, Web Position Gold & SEO Elite have had a problem for the past year or two.

In a defense against Denial of Service attacks and hacks by botnets, the major Search Engines ban any computer they perceive as sending too much traffic too quickly.

This hit Search Engine Marketers (SEM’s) who use Search Engine Ranking Software to legitimately check the Search Engine rankings of their own and their clients’ websites. Now they have to run their queries one at a time very slowly using “Human Emulation” so the Search Engines don’t get too anxious and block them.

A typical report checking 150 keywords on 3 search engines can take 2-3 hours to complete.

By using Hyper-Threading Private Proxy Servers from Trusted Proxies, SEM’s can now run their queries in parallel; 5, 10, 20, or even 30 queries at a time. Reports that used to take 2 hours to run, now take just minutes, freeing up a lot of time to do more productive tasks, such as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work itself.

A second problem is that Search Engines tailor their results depending on the country the query is being run from. For example, a SEM in America will see different results than their clients will see in Britain. Geo Proxy Servers solve this by running the queries in the same countries as their clients.

Proxy Servers are not new. A “mini-Industry” has grown up offering lists of so called “Free,” “Open” or “Public” Proxy Servers. However, they rarely work, or quickly get overwhelmed and crash. And when they do work, they are painfully slow and are seldom still available the next time you want to use them. And that’s just to find one working Proxy Server. What if you need 20!

This is because no competent Network Administrator leaves their Proxy Servers open to the public, and nobody knowingly sets up Proxy Servers for free. That’s due to the costs of bandwidth and risks of letting any unknown anonymous person access to your network.

In fact, almost all “Free” Proxy Servers are either mis-configured Private Proxy Servers, or PC’s that have been unknowingly compromised by hackers. In any event they are insecure, slow and unreliable.

“As a former IT Consultant, and now a SEM myself - frustrated by all the problems of slow, unreliable and insecure Public Proxy Servers - I created Hyper-Threading Geo Private Proxy Servers. They provide a fast, secure, reliable, and always available platform, designed and optimized specifically for Search Engine Ranking Software and legitimate Search Engine Marketers,” says Paul Green, Trusted Proxy’s Founder.

For more information about Trusted Proxies, visit http://www.trustedproxies.com.


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