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The website has recently published an informative article describing probiotic supplements and how they improve overall digestive heatlh.

In a new article from the author details the many benefits of probiotic supplements, including how convenient and effective they are in introducing live, active bacteria cultures to the digestive system.

The article explains that yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics, but only contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, or lactic acid bacteria, one specific type of probiotic. While lactic acid bacteria is important for sound digestive health, it is only one of the over 400 types of probiotics found in a normal, healthy digestive tract. While not as popular as lactic acid bacteria, yeast is another important, helpful probiotic; however, yeast probiotics are not available through yogurt, rather found in high-quality probiotic supplements.

Delivering healthy, live probiotics through supplements has proven to be difficult, with 80% of the bacteria dying on the store shelf, the result of poor packaging and encapsulation. Research also indicates that poorly designed probiotic supplementation delivery systems fail to account for stomach acid, resulting in most live probiotics being destroyed before it reaches its destination.

The article introduces BioTrust’s probiotic supplement, Pro-X10, the most advanced probiotic formula, delivered in a supplement using cutting-edge microencapsulation technology. Pro-X10 demonstrates the ability to deliver 10 times more healthy probiotic to the body than traditional probiotics supplements.

Additionally, Pro-X10 specialized probiotic formula utilizes Actazin, a probiotic nutrient proven to gently stimulates the movement of stool through the GI tract, promote regularity and softens stools without gas or bloating, support the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut to further improve gut flora ratio, support beneficial bacteria, inhibit infectious pathogens, and further assist in maintaining long term digestive health.

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