Nutri-Health Launches Reformulated, Doctor Recommended Probiotic and Prebiotic Digestive Supplement

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Nutri-Health Supplements, a premiere US health supplements company, launches reformulated Flora Source® Multi-Probiotic®, now recommended by Board Certified Gastroenterologist and health author Dr. Joseph Brasco, MD.

New! Reformulated Flora Source probiotic

One of the key health points I emphasize is that so many of us have imbalanced gut flora, or the balance of beneficial organisms found inherently in the digestive tract. - Dr. Joseph Brasco, MD

Health supplements are enjoying a surge in use among clinical physicians and health professionals world-wide. Nutrition Journal 2009 reports that 72% of doctors and 89% of nurses take dietary supplements, with many recommending supplements to their patients.* Dr. Joseph Brasco, a renown health author and Gastroenterologist with Huntsville, Alabama’s, Center for Colon and Digestive Disease, does both.

“I recommend a multi-probiotic supplement to many of my patients here at the clinic,” says Dr. Brasco. “One of the key health points I emphasize is that so many of us have imbalanced gut flora, or the balance of beneficial organisms found inherently in the digestive tract. A proper balance of healthy gut flora versus non-beneficial flora is vital to the entire system, including digestive health and ever-important immune health.”

“Probiotics in supplements help support the balance of healthy gut flora,” says Brasco, “but there’s more to a great supplement than just probiotics, which is what makes Nutri-Health’s Flora Source so unique. A complete probiotic digestive supplement should also contain prebiotics, or a non-gas forming fiber that helps ‘feed’ the healthy flora already present in the gut. Flora Source contains 16 probiotic strains plus the prebiotic, scFOS®.”

The Synergy of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Prebiotic fiber is found in various food types and supplements, such as premium short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS), found in Flora Source Multi-Probiotic, and inulin. These fiber types are not fully digested but instead pass through the digestive tract and “feed” beneficial flora in the gut to help keep these flora populations robust, among other health benefits.

“scFOS offers some real advantages over inulin and other prebiotic types,” says Dr. Brasco. “This select fiber is 100% water soluble and, unlike inulin, passes through without any digestive breakdown for maximum flora benefit. scFOS selectively supports beneficial fiber and does not feed the non-beneficial organisms that may pass through the gut. The specific short-chain structure of scFOS also makes it a non-gas forming fiber, an important factor in a digestive health supplement.”

Nutri-Health refers to the synergy of the probiotics and prebiotics in their flagship supplement Flora Source as a “synbiotic,” or the mutually beneficial relationship between probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics work to help boost levels of healthy flora in the intestines while prebiotics nourish this flora to establish a healthy balance.

Supplements Create a New Health Regimen

Consumers are turning to health supplements with increased interest as the general attitude toward health moves from therapeutic to preventative.

“The current health climate is changing,” says Dr. Brasco. “Patients at my clinic and the public at large are more open to alternative methods of supporting their health. Now, products that many of us have viewed as ‘alternative,’ such as health supplements, are playing an important role in daily health regimens. Preventative health maintenance starts at home and, as I like to say, no one takes better care of your health than you do. And this is advice coming from their doctor!”

Nutri-Health reformulated Flora Source Multi-Probiotic in 2010 with 16 probiotic strains, including all-new Bif-Relief 24-7 B. lactis for colon health support, and the prebiotic scFOS for enhanced digestive flora support. To learn more about Flora Source and to try Flora Source at a special, new price, visit .

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Flora Source – A Complete Probiotic Supplement

*Physicians and nurses use and recommend dietary supplements: report of a survey. Nutr Jnl. 2009, 8:29doi:10.1186/1475-2891-8-29.


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