Nutri-Health Supplements Launches Improved Probiotic “Mucus Solution” for Year-Round Sinus Support

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What do probiotics and a unique antioxidant have to do with sinus health and nasal discharge? Nutri-Health Supplements announces the launch of improved Flora Sinus®, a patent-pending probiotic formula that helps thin out thick, sticky mucus for continuous sinus health support.

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This formula is so unique and so effective in promoting clear, healthy sinuses that we have applied for a patent. No other product has this unique combination of specific probiotic strains and a powerful, mucus-thinning antioxidant.

Healthy Mucus is Your Friend

There’s no doubt about it, sinus congestion is year-round for countless Americans! Nutri-Health Supplements, a leading probiotic company since 1987, has developed a supplement they call “the mucus solution” – Flora Sinus® Seasonal Support to help provide relief.

Flora Sinus features a unique antioxidant shown in laboratory bench studies to dissolve mucus on contact and help break up thick, sticky mucus, as well as four clinically backed probiotic strains to support daily sinus health.

“Mucus is very much misunderstood and unfairly maligned,” says Michael Lee, Product Development Director for Nutri-Health. “You do not want to get rid of mucus or dry it up. You want it to flow normally. Normal mucus flow is crucial to sinus and nasal health.”

The nose is one of the first lines of defense for the body. Tiny hairs trap incoming irritants and flowing nasal mucus helps move irritants out of the nose and through the sinus drainage system. If nasal and sinus mucus becomes too thick or sticky, sinus drainage becomes difficult.

Good Bacteria are Also Your Friend

Many people misunderstand the positive function of bacteria as well as mucus. Yet good bacteria are absolutely crucial to your health. And guess where they live? In your mucus!

Healthy mucus is populated by friendly bacteria, which function as part of the body’s immune system. Taking a daily probiotic supports healthy mucus and a normal immune system.

A clinical study by Swiss researchers found that four specific probiotic strains could help support a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the nose. The Nutri-Health probiotic formula, Flora Sinus, was inspired by this Swiss clinical study.

Mucus Busting Antioxidant is Another Key to Sinus Health

The improved patent-pending Flora Sinus formula has double the previous dosage of a unique antioxidant that helps break up thick, sticky mucus. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) at 600 mg per serving helps keep mucus flowing normally.

A laboratory bench study showed that NAC dissolved thick mucus on contact.    The researchers used reconstituted human nasal mucus to determine the effectiveness of NAC and other compounds on thinning out thick mucus secretions.

Mayo Clinic Backs Importance of Normal Mucus

Recent research at the Mayo Clinic has focused the spotlight on the importance of nasal mucus and a normal immune system response to irritants as the two pillars of sinus health.**

“Prior to the Mayo Clinic research, doctors thought the immune response to nasal and sinus irritants occurred only in the nasal tissue,” says Lee. “Mayo Clinic researchers found that the immune response in the nasal mucus was just as important.”

Sinus Challenges in America – A Case of Misery Loves Company

One out of seven American adults experience sinus health challenges, according to the National Center of Health Statistics.    

“This formula is so unique and so effective in promoting clear, healthy sinuses that we have applied for a patent,” says Trish Mahon, CEO of Nutri-Health Supplements, LLC. “No other product has this unique combination of specific probiotic strains shown to support nasal health and a powerful, mucus-thinning antioxidant.”

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
** The Mayo Clinic has no connection with Nutri-Health Supplements and does not endorse Flora Sinus.


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