Procera AVH Review-Unbiased User Results and Complimentary Bottle Offer, Now Featured on NetXNews

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Procera AVH-New research by NetXNews Reviews probes claims about Procera AVH effectiveness to boost ‘mind, mood and memory’ and shares key facts.

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They, [Provera AVH ingredients] have been clinically shown to be not just safe, but effective in enhancing a wide range of cognitive functions such as memory, focus and concentration, thinking, mood, mental clarity and mental energy.

Today heralds the release of new research, focused on Procera AVH, a scientifically-tested, affordable supplement that promises to bring back the mental clarity that we experienced 10-15 years prior.

As we age, our brain agility and memory start to decline and men and women everywhere could be feeling the subtle effects of mental deterioration and wondering what can be done to stop the slowing of mental faculties. Many of the effects can be due to the depletion of neurotransmitters, caused by stress, sleep loss or poor diet, and whilst a good diet and exercise, both for the body and mind, have been proven to contribute towards the slowing of decline, luckily, help is on hand to enhance the brain even further.

Procera AVH is a patent-pending, nutritional supplement trusted by many that contains three powerhouse ingredients, at or above the minimum threshold required for full benefit, to help in the battle against degenerative diseases like depression. Taken once a day, the supplement promised to improve mental precision, focus, memory and even mood, and boost your brain’s ability to deal with everyday tasks like name and number recall, or concentration.

Procera AVH contains Acetyl L-Carnitine and Huperzine A, tried and tested ingredients that have been noted for their potential in battling Alzheimer’s and sharpening up aging memory. Also contained is periwinkle derivative, Vinpocetine, known for its effectiveness in treating cognitive decline and a failing memory by increasing the user’s blood flow to the brain.

“The ingredients in Procera AVH have been used in research laboratories for a combined period of over 50 years, and studies show their properties in supporting a healthy, younger brain. In fact, they have been clinically shown to be not just safe, but effective in enhancing a wide range of cognitive functions such as memory, focus and concentration, thinking, mood and mental clarity.” said Product Reviewer, Bradley Duran, who tested the supplement over several months. “However, it’s not just the ingredients that result in a sharper mental clarity, it’s the product’s intelligent delivery system.”

The benefits of Procera AVH are delivered using a triple stage process. Initially, the supplement floods the brain cells with oxygen, which provides the user with a fresher, younger and more revived sensation. Secondly, the powerhouse nutrients get to work, sharpening up the mind and providing brain fuel. Finally, it forms an invisible protective barrier around the brain, guarding off toxins created by free radicals.

Duran was meticulous in his documentation of his detailed review of Procera AVH to ensure that his readers understood the changes he experienced, in order that they could appreciate what to expect after their own continued use.

“Rather than just document how I ‘felt’, I set myself a few mental agility tests that would show any slight increase, for a more balanced and fair review,” Duran continued.

But the effects on Duran, like many, were far from subtle. In trials conducted by Procera AVH manufacturer Brain Sciences Institute that were randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled and used FDA-approved neuro-psychological test instruments, users’ memory score improved on average 10-15 years over 30 days. Duran himself documented that after four weeks, his calculus skills and problem solving skills had increased by just under 50%, and his work was unaffected by interruptions such as an alarm. Furthermore, his work productivity was boosted by nearly 100% on repetitive tasks.

Along with a complementary bottle offer upon purchase of 2 discounted bottles of the supplement, consumers will receive a bottle of Ceraplex Brain Detox, a 20/20 BrainPower book and a access to the Brain Health newsletter.

Within weeks, reviewer Duran experienced the benefits of a more focused mind and the satisfaction that good concentration and recall deliver. To read Duran’s full detailed review of Procera AVH, please scroll down below.

Duran recommends that consumers take precaution when purchasing Procera AVH. “By purchasing from the official website location, you are covered by the product’s 90 day money-back guarantee and are assured of the genuine article,” he concluded.

To take advantage of the complementary bottle offer and discount and buy or trial Procera AVH please order from the Official Website by clicking here. “I would advise anyone that wants to get back to their previous capability to give it a go. With the company’s 90 day money-back guarantee if you’re not totally happy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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