Managed Marketing's Online Product Launch Creates Buying Frenzy

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With Businesses Looking for New and Inexpensive Ways to Rapidly Grow Their Business, Having a Product Launch Developed by Managed Marketing Could Make All the Difference.

More Business. More Money. More Often.

In a recent example, we worked with a client who created a new product and, within 24 hours of the product launch, we had already surpassed $200,000 and continued to climb quickly...

Managed Marketing’s founder, Charles Gaudet, claims that a properly executed product launch may be the answer most businesses need.

“In a recent example, this month we worked with a client who created a new product and, within 24 hours of the product launch, we had already surpassed $200,000 and continued to climb quickly” Gaudet said, “and, there was so much buzz generated from the product launch that they also received over 12,000 new prospects!”

Millions of existing businesses are struggling to develop new ways of generating interest in their business to motivate prospects and customers to buy more products. And with sales only trickling in, many business owners are finding that the old way of sending someone straight into a sales pitch just isn’t working anymore.

“Let’s face it, prospects have become more skeptical and are trying to be smarter with their money. People are faced with tough economic times and they’re not just going to throw money at anyone – they want to spend money only with those people they know, like and trust,” says Charles Gaudet, “And a product launch is one of the most effective means of making that happen.”

Contrary to popular belief, product launches are not just reserved for new products. Taking an existing product and adding a unique twist or bonus with the product is a remarkable way to position an existing product for a launch.

Not only is rapid cash flow the obvious benefit, there are several other benefits to consider. Product launches are a great way to better understand your customers’ needs and wants while leaving both your clients and prospects raving fans of your company.

“The key to an effective launch is what we call ‘laying on the cool.’ It’s a 4-stage process where you start off by establishing rapport, building trust and proving to people that you are the leading authority in your market,” explains Gaudet. “Then, after five or so days, your prospects are primed and there’s eager anticipation for your offer to become available. Then once the stage is set, you make an irresistible offer for your prospects to purchase within a limited time window and that’s when the real magic happens.”

Online product launches generally work best if the business owner has an existing email database, a compelling offer, content that builds trust and joint venture partners who are willing to endorse your product to their customers. If these steps are not in place, Managed Marketing will work with their clients to help them prepare for this process.

“The reason why our clients keep coming back to us to run a product launch for their company, aside from the windfalls of profits that they enjoy, is because we really try to make the process as easy and as fun as possible for the business owner. It’s a lot of work, but it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding marketing strategies anyone could deploy in their business,” Gaudet states.

If you like your business to be considered for a Managed Marketing product launch, please visit to learn more about how Managed Marketing can grow your business and to submit your application.

ABOUT CHARLES GAUDET: Gaudet has been called the “World’s Most Inspiring Small Business Expert” for consistently delivering windfalls of profits to his clients by unveiling hidden assets and opportunities that have been previously under-utilized or have gone unnoticed. Gaudet started his first business before the age of 5 when he set up a tollbooth in the hallway leading to his parent’s bathroom, and has been ferociously committed to the study of successful business practices. He is the founder of Managed Marketing, LLC and writes a blog found at the company’s website.

ABOUT MANAGED MARKETING: Managed Marketing, LLC is a leading marketing consulting firm with percentage-of-profit fees. The company specializes in finding two or more overlooked marketing opportunities commonly found in most small-to-medium sized businesses and customizing actionable marketing strategies to increase a company’s profits by 30% or more in as little as five days. You can read more about Managed Marketing at

Contact: Charles E. Gaudet II, Founder


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