New Electronic BBQ Propane Gauge Helps Users Save Time and Money

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Product Innovation Ltd, a UK based New Product Development Company, identified the need for an improved BBQ Propane Gauge because many existing methods either react too late or do not actively warn the user when it is time to change the tank.

Propane Level Monitor

Propane GasGenie

This has solved the mystery of when I am getting close to empty. -- NB Hertz

There are more than 43 million propane grills in active use in the US. And last year more than 8 million new gas grills were purchased. So knowing when it is time to change the propane tank is an important task. If you wait too long the gas can simply run out during cooking, causing irritation and requiring the user to stop cooking and take the time to go and get a full tank from the supplier. But swap it out too early and you could be wasting money.

The most common methods of detecting a low liquid level are pressure and weight. The more useful of these is weight. If you know the empty weight of your propane tank then seeing how much more the tank weighs does give an accurate indication of how much propane remains. But because tanks are routinely exchanged, that can be a big "if." Also using scales requires the user to take the time to attach the scales and lift the tank. This is easy to forget in the busy time before cooking starts.

When using a pressure gauge the issue is more complex. The physics of liquefied gases, such as propane, mean that the pressure shown on the gauge is more or less constant until the liquid has gone. Only then will the gauge start to show reducing pressure. So typically this kind of gauge gives at best a few minutes warning before the tank is empty. And again they rely on the user checking the gauge when they are busy doing other things.

Peter Frank, Product Innovation Ltd’s director says, "We were tipped off to this need by a major US grill manufacturer. They wanted a way of actively warning the user in time to finish grilling and then swap out the tank at the user’s convenience."

The Company then set about looking for a new technology that could be developed into a simple product. After some considerable research they identified that a combination of time and temperature of the tank wall could be used to do the job. Additionally they were able to use the technology to identify when the gas was switched on. This allowed the new Propane GasGenie to make a warning sound and flash LEDs when the gas was both switched on and running low. So the user does not need to check the gas levels. The device actively warns in time to finish cooking and then replace the tank. The Propane GasGenie was then patented and has now been launched in the US by selling it through Hopefully customers will be pleased with the time and cost savings from which they benefit.

The Propane GasGenie is available on Amazon.

About Product Innovation Limited

Product Innovation Ltd is an established New Product Development consultancy specialising in inventing and developing new products for manufacturing companies. The company has been in business for more than 25 years and in that time has been involved in a wide range of new products many of which have worldwide patents. Visit for additional information about Product Innovation Limited. More information about Propane GasGenie can be found at the following site:

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