Inspect2GO Launches Property Inspection Checklist Apps on Android, iPhone and iPad for Commercial, Residential, Rental Property and Construction Sites

Inspect2GO launches first of its kind property inspection mobile app technology for commercial, residential, rental property and construction site inspection. Use your Android tablet, iPhone or iPad for site surveys, move-in/move-out checklists, construction site safety inspection and building code audits. Take photos, fill out forms, sign documents, send results to your company database and submit finished PDF reports while onsite, all from your mobile phone.

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commercial, residential and rental property inspection checklist apps

Property Inspection Checklist Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

"save time and money by inspecting property with your mobile phone or tablet"

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2011

Inspect2GO ( ) has released ground-breaking technology for inspecting rental properties, apartment buildings, construction sites, commercial buildings, homes, etc. Instead of carrying clipboard, paper, and pen, you can now carry a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet and generate a full report in the field. The apps can be custom built to meet each new client’s unique needs.


The property inspection apps include MIMO (move-in, move-out) inspection checklists, building code checklists, site surveys, safety code inspection reports and regulatory audits forms. Residential property inspection is conducted on homes, rental properties and apartment buildings. Commercial property inspection includes industrial buildings, large facilities and office buildings. Construction site inspection includes quality, building code and OSHA safety audit checklists. The inspection apps are designed for property management companies, developers, general contractors and home/building inspectors.

Custom property inspection applications include:

•Commercial property inspection
•Rental property and apartment building move-in, move-out checklists
•Residential property surveys and inspection reports
•Building code, site survey, safety, compliance, regulatory audit applications
•Apps for property management, home inspection and commercial building surveys
•Field Reports – Sign and send PDF inspection reports onsite, directly from iPhone, iPad or Android
•Database – Property inspection software, send inspection forms and photos to an SQL database for server side reporting
•Used by city building inspectors, contractors, commercial property/home inspectors and property managers
•Insurance assessments, appraisals and cost estimates
Construction site inspection
•Checklists – Pass/fail, Radio button, fill-in-the-blank
•Forms/Reports – Storage and wireless delivery of file to server
•Legal – Stylus signature and initialization, markup on-screen
•Photographs – Digital image capture to worksheet/report

About Inspect2Go
Inspect2Go is a mobile application development company based in Southern California. The firm’s technology includes inspection checklist mobile apps with signature, photo, markup, custom reporting, pdf email and database export functions. The checklist apps are compatible with Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android.




commercial, residential and rental property inspection checklist apps Property Inspection Checklist Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones

Commercial, home and rental property inspection apps including Move-in Move-out checklists - Take photos, send reports and synch with database from your mobile phone

Android tablet and iPad checklists for commercial property, rental property, home and construction site inspection Android Tablet and iPad Property Inspection Apps

Tablet based checklist apps for construction site and property inspection using iPad and Android