Prudential Texas Properties Emphasizes Importance of Curb Appeal as Spring 2013 Sees Seller’s Market Taking Off in Dallas

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Prudential Texas reports that with median home prices in Dallas continuing to rise into mid-May and home inventory numbers dropping, Dallas homeowners looking to sell can put added value into a market that is already offering great return by adding some timely makeovers to the facade of their home.

Prudential Texas Dallas Homes

Dallas homes with landscape lighting help attract home buyers who are checking out neighborhoods at night.

Homes with immaculately maintained exteriors are not only selling immediately, but are becoming the object of seller-benefitting bidding wars.

In the same sense that Spring showers bring May flowers, the clouds have parted after a gloomy past couple of years in the Dallas real estate market, and the current forecast shows a blossoming Dallas housing market, with home sales seeing exponential increases, and inventory numbers dropping. Whether homeowners are looking to sell their Dallas homes now, or have even remotely considered the option for the future, due to the hand-over-fist profits that could be raked in, adding curb appeal to a Dallas house is one of the most eye-catching ways to attract potential buyers—especially at a time when buyers are taking measures beyond simply looking online, like cruising through Dallas neighborhoods as inventory rates continue to drop, putting Dallas homes at a premium.

So what are some of the best ways to boost curb appeal for Dallas homes? Painting touch-ups are an obvious first step. If there’s a cracked or chipped paint job on the exterior of a home, buyers are going to immediately question the overall upkeep of the place. Collecting paint chip samples for matching and then heading to a paint store is a great way to start on a DIY project on some of the smaller improvements on a Dallas home, like railings, flower boxes, the front door, archways, fences and porch refinishing. If a home’s entire facade is in disrepair, getting quotes from several painting contractors and then hiring out for that kind of work is one of the most surefire ways to bring aesthetic elegance to a Dallas home.

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Landscaping is also a popular trend in the current North Texas housing market. This might start with re-sodding a yard to bring a fresh, green face to a home’s lawn. From there, timed sprinkler systems can be installed to ensure that the arid Texan climate doesn’t eat away at this new, verdant investment. Beyond this, accents like flower and planter beds can bring a resplendent natural feel. Think about complementary colors when shopping for florals, taking into consideration how a bed of red flowers could create a stunning contrast against a house exterior with green paint.

And seeing as some home shoppers like cruising around at night to get a feel for a neighborhood in the evening hours, installing landscape lighting can reap huge dividends. This could include a series of waist-level lights that creates an inviting feeling in one’s walkway, or surface-level lights around a yard that create a beautiful glow while giving off the enticing illusion that light is seeping out of the ground.

And one last major rule of thumb: Symmetry! It’s a must that the elements around a home—whether they be painted, planted or popping up—are aligned with one another, so that the home has a feel of orderliness and structure.

All these trends can be spotted in every well-performing North Texas neighborhood, and qualified real estate agents can attest. “The Dallas market is performing at levels we haven’t seen since pre-recession years,” says DD Flynn, VP of Marketing with Prudential Texas Properties. “And with the seller’s market in a frenzy as home inventory continues to drop, one thing we’re noticing is that homes with immaculately maintained exteriors are not only selling immediately, but are becoming the object of seller-benefitting bidding wars.”

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