Controversial New Software Developed in Response to School Violence

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(PRWEB) April 5, 2000

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 4, 2000 -- Finer Technologies

announced today the development of X-Detect, a

simple but powerful computer program that allows users to

test their computer for prior X-rated and violent web

browsing. Within moments of testing, users of X-Detect are

presented with the actual site addresses of X-rated and violent

sites, giving concerned parents and spouses the information needed

for further investigation. X-Detect will detect sites visited within

the past thirty days or so.

Before the invention of X-Detect, only "blocking" software

such as NetNanny or Surfwatch was available to concerned

computer owners. X-Detect is unique from these software

programs because it tests for previous inappropriate

browsing, rather than trying to block questionable sites or

monitor for future inappropriate browsing. X-Detect gives

families the ability to determine if questionable surfing is

occurring on their home computer and handle the situation

correctly: having a serious talk with their children. In addition,

X-Detect performs a series of special tests, making it far more

difficult to defeat than other monitoring products.

The notion that information flows freely on the Internet -

including bomb making directions, hatred sites and other

dangerous content - has many parents looking to X-Detect for

help. X-Detect gives concerned parents an avenue for

investigation, and intervention, into the Internet goings-on

of their children. X-Detect reports give parents a chance to

detect potential dangerous behavior and an opportunity to

intervene and foil dangerous plans before anyone gets hurt.

X-Detect is available online at http:/// and

can be immediately downloaded for use for the introductory

price of $19.95


  • Joshua Finer
    Finer Technologies