The BeyeNETWORK Releases an Exclusive Interview Featuring Noetix

Noetix vice president Daryl Orts discusses business intelligence reporting innovations

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However, basic struggles with data access and operational reporting persist. Noetix offers a BI access layer for Oracle Applications that is cost-effective and quick-to-implement.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 9, 2009

Daryl Orts, vice president, Engineering Technologies for Noetix, recently participated in an exclusive interview with the BeyeNETWORK ( ).

To listen to the interview please click here.

In this interview, Orts explains how enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business are designed for transactional efficiency, not reporting ease. Enterprise application databases contain complex data structures that make little sense to the non-technical professional, impeding their ability to create operational reports on their own. A true user-friendly reporting solution requires manual mapping to the enterprise application database or the creation of a metadata layer with meaningful business terminology before any report development can begin.

"Query and reporting tools from leading BI vendors such as Business Objects, Cognos, and Oracle provide generic metadata templates which make an attempt to jumpstart the mapping effort. However these tools still require a significant amount of additional work to provide the user with metadata that is configuration specific for their unique needs," says Daryl Orts, vice president, Engineering Technologies for Noetix. "Bridging the information gap between database complexity and reporting simplicity is the key challenge in implementing, deploying and maintaining BI systems for any organization."

"Business intelligence in general is an industry that is maturing on many levels and offering increasingly new and different capabilities for organizations," says Ron Powell, cofounder and editorial director of the BeyeNETWORK. "However, basic struggles with data access and operational reporting persist. Noetix offers a BI access layer for Oracle Applications that is cost-effective and quick-to-implement."

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About Noetix
More than 1,400 customers worldwide use Noetix to quickly and cost-effectively access the enterprise application data they need to make important business decisions every day. By providing instant, configuration-specific operational reporting and ad hoc query for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and Siebel CRM, Noetix delivers the fastest time to business answers. Our patented metadata-driven software and lean architecture significantly reduces the cost to implement and maintain an enterprise application reporting environment. Noetix's proven technology is being used by industry-leading customers worldwide, including: Cummins, Motorola, Starbucks, Toshiba, Welch's and Visa. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Wash., with international operations in London and Hyderabad, India.

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