Columbus Day is Today. Kids Activities Blog Features How to Make a Paper Boat and More Change of Seasons Activities Perfect for Fall Playtime with Kids.

Columbus Day is coming up and Kids Activities Blog features fun change of seasons activities for kids. How to make a paper boat is one of the latest questions from Moms on Kids Activities Blog. How about celebrating this holiday by teaching the kids about Columbus voyage while making the fleet of three ships that "sailed accross the blue?" This and more change of season activities for Kids are currently featured on Kids Activities Blog.

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day

Columbus Day: Paper Boat Day!

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 08, 2012

Columbus Day is Paper Boat Day! How to make a paper boat is the latest question Moms are blogging about on Kids Activities Blog. Telling the story of Columbus is much more fun with a fleet of paper boats to sail.

Making the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, the three little paper boats that sailed across the Atlantic, is both fun and educational. Using three plain white paper 5x7 sheets and three toothpics, follow the template published on Kids Activities Blog. Let the older kids help the younger ones.

Celebrating holidays like Columus Day with Kids and sneaking in learning is what makes Kids Activities Blog great. This easy kids activity and other change of seasons activities for kids have Moms blog in numbers on Kids Activties Blog.

This Mom inspired change of seasons activity does not require ingredients, supplies or money. Celebrate the seasons with the kids by going on a Signs of Fall Hunt. This activitity "forces" the kids to pay attention to the details around them and grounds them to nature. Simple go outside and be ready to find colorful items transformed by mother nature and research the things that make them change.

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How to make a paper boat How to make a paper boat

How to make a paper boat

change of seasons change of seasons

change of seasons