Nicki Minaj Blows Out on Mariah Carey on American Idol Audition; But They Complete an Interesting Judging Panel, GreenBeanBuddy Comments

On a recent American Idol audition, Nicki Minaj cussed Mariah Carey, said a report. Nevertheless, entertainment and sports new website commented that the two make an interesting judging panel.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

Things got a little too intense on American Idol audition last Tuesday. Based on a report from, Nicki Minaj blew out on Mariah Carey. Nevertheless, entertainment and sports news website commented that the two singers completed an interesting judging panel.

According to the report, the heated incident between the two music artists happened during an AI audition in Charlotte, North Carolina. A video went viral on Tuesday showing Nicki Minaj dropping the f-word on Mariah Carey. And because of it, it was said that the tryout was cut off for while to calm things down.

A disagreement about a contestant's performance was the said cause of the incident. However, it was not specified what particularly triggered the rapper's cussing.

Both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are two of the three new American Idol judges. The other one is country singer Kieth Urban.

Here's an excerpt from the post Nicki Minaj Cusses Mariah Carey on AI Try Out by

“American Idol got three new judges – Kieth Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. But while the new male judge seemed to have settled just fine in the Idol panel, it was a different story for the divas. Last Tuesday, a video of Minaj blowing cusses on Carey surfaced on the web.

The said diva-vs-diva fight happened during the American Idol audition in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though it was not detailed what exactly triggered the blow-out, it was presumed that it all started with a disagreement about one of the contestants. As a result, the try out had to be cut short to cool the situation off.”

Minaj and Carey are two very different music artists, entertainment and sports news website said. And their differences, it added, was surely displayed in the said video of Minaj cursing that surfaced. Nonetheless, the site commented that the two makes the new American Idol judging panel interesting.

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