Debate Creates Buzz about PRElection Voting

Wednesday night's debate created a lot of buzz and activity around the PRElection app. End of night results settled at Romney 49, Obama 46

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

As PRElection voters tweeted during the first presidential debate to get out the vote, voting intensified for both Obama and Romney. Voting activity slowed around midnight with Romney 49 and Obama 46. Even though the debate presented only two candidates, PRElection saw increased activity for several of the independent parties. The debate activity also generated an increase in Senate and House voting.

PRElection, featured in the App Store News section, is a free app that allows voters to predict the election by anonymously voting in the Presidential race, and the 33 Senate and 435 House races occurring this year. PRElection allows candidates to reach voters directly by updating their PREview Candidate and Donate links. They can also send "push" notifications to their supporters on devices literally in their voters hands, greatly enhancing the candidate/voter experience.

The app allows each voter to see the current results of PRElection voting in terms of the overall count of House and Senate seats, as well as detailed results for each candidate in the Presidential race and each House and Senate election. PRElection is not a poll, it is a continuous tally of all votes cast as of the current point in time. While voters can change their votes, for example during last night's debate in Denver, each voter has only one vote.

PRElection is able to report voting results for a variety of demographics across voters who choose to Get Verified, answering questions about party affiliation, age, education, ethnicity and other categories that are carried along with their anonymous vote.

More information for voters and candidates is available on the PRElection App website:

PRElection is available in the Apple App Store:


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