NHL Lockout Leaves Hockey Players With Time to Train

HockeyTrainingPro.com is a resource for professional hockey players and Olympians. The website is offering Off-Ice Training programs perfect for players during the current NHL Lockout.

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Maria Mountain, MSC is the owner of HockeyTrainingPro.com and Revolution Coaching.

The NHL lockout is unfortunate but there are options available for the hockey players during negotiations.

(PRWEB) October 09, 2012

HockeyTrainingPro.com has been a long-time resource for professional and NHL hockey players. Olympians too. With the current NHL lockout, professional hockey games are delayed through the end of October. HockeyTrainingPro.com wants to keep hockey players fit and flexible during the NHL lockout. The website is offering Off-Ice Training programs ideal for hockey players looking to maintain their skills during this time.

According to a recent Yahoo! news article, “NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said the league had already lost $100 million in revenues from canceled preseason games. The players will begin feeling the real sting when they don't get their first paychecks of the season Oct. 15.” But, money isn’t the main concern for hockey players. “Hockey players need conditioning. Like any health regime, the minute someone stops doing it- their body starts to lose muscle mass, athletic skill, and more,” said Maria Mountain, Goalie Training Pro founder. “The NHL lockout is unfortunate but there are options available for the hockey players during negotiations. HockeyTrainingPro.com has a free blog, videos, and low-cost but effective products designed to help all hockey players, of any level, maintain their skill set and improve the agility.”

Hockey players, and coaches, who are interested in continued hockey training during the NHL Lockout can view the various products offered at HockeyTrainingPro.com by clicking here: http://hockeytrainingpro.com/wordpress/products/

“The main thing for athletes to remember is to stay fit. Don’t let any down time become an excuse not to work out or keep up with a daily sports regime training. The lockout will get worked out, but will the players be ready,” said Mountain.

In addition to HockeyTrainingPro.com’s Off-Ice Training programs, hockey players can also download the Seven Deadly Sins of Hockey Training, for free, by visiting the website.

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