The Solo Journey - A Community and Training to Help Service Based Solo Entrepreneurs

A new Community for Solo Entrepreneurs has been established - called The Solo Journey – - aiming to bring into one place everything an Entrepreneur will need to be successful.

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The Solo Journey for Solo Entrepreneurs

The Solo Journey for Solo Entrepreneurs

(PRWEB) November 15, 2012

A new Community for Solo Entrepreneurs has been established - called The Solo Journey – - aiming to bring into one place everything an Entrepreneur will need to be successful: A Private Community of like-minded Entrepreneurs, a World Leading Business Building Marketing Course (Book Yourself Solid™), the foundational Technology course (FastTrack) that helps you implement technology yourself, following step by step videos and lastly an entire Productivity course (The Productivity Pack), covering Goal Setting, Time Management and more.

All in one place to help make it easy for you to get access to what you need. Today.

Founder and International Business Consultant, Speaker and Author, Jamie McKean set up this one-stop-shop to help Solo Entrepreneurs achieve the successes they strive for.

How Has This Come About?

Jamie said there was a moment when reading the E-Myth™, by Michael Gerber, he came to the realisation to why so many businesses are failing.

“In that moment, I decided to commit myself to help those who want to live life on their terms. Who want to run their own business… every decision for the past 8 years I’ve made from then to now has been focused on the single outcome of helping others,” he said.

And now those 8 years as a Consultant, Coach and Educator have led to the creation of The Solo Journey.

It was also the work / life balance that was a big driver for Jamie. Over his career to date he’s seen how having the right balance of work, play and family can really impact on your life and your business.

“Business owners tend to think working 16 hours a day is some kind of heroic effort. It’s suicide. Been there done that. There’s nothing glamorous about working in your business until you fall over.

“It’s having the right balance. Allowing yourself to choose what you do, and when.

“Knowing that when you spend time on your business, you’re building something …
whether an asset, a legacy or a ‘machine’ that literally can run by itself.”

The Solo Journey aims to give solo entrepreneurs the tools to achieve business growth through a framework of Marketing, Technology and Productivity.

The courses are packed full of videos, workbooks, audio downloads, mind-maps and the growing Community of like-minded Service Based Entrepreneurs.

Each Business Building Category is set in a step-by-step setting so they can be easily implemented into your business and there are updates constantly being added.

“I’ve packaged the very best tools I’ve used in my consulting business,” Jamie said.

As a bonus, you’ll find a 30 day Business Building Blueprint Email Marketing Course, for free, easily accessible on the home page of The Solo Journey.

To find out more, visit: The Solo Journey, The Place for Solo Entrepreneurs


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