Photipherals Launches Innovative Birding Camera Gear, Indulge In Comfort; Outdoor Photography Equipment Designed With Sound Ergonomics

Birding photographers, wildlife and nature enthusiasts, Photipherals has launched a variety of camera gear to keep outdoor photographers more comfortable and their photography equipment more mobile and protected. These featured products are made in the USA.

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Composite image of camera gear for birding abd nature photographers.

Composite image of Photipheral products outdoor photographers will find useful.

Ergonomic camera gear by Photipherals solves birding photography camera gear problems.

Gilbert, Arizona (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

Photo forum discussions show photographers are looking for a comfortable camera strap with quick tripod connection. Outdoor photographers complain about hiking with a tripod, cameras and accessories. They also complain about photographing in harsh elements. Photipherals has designed and launched ergonomic camera gear to solve these problems.

More than a camera sling or speed strap, Pho-Reel’s [patent pending] design is a shoulder camera strap system. Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus offer many hours of comfort to hike with camera(s), tripod and photographic accessories. Photographers no longer need a camera bag to carry multiple cameras, lenses, filters and other camera gear. Nor do they need to suffer from camera strap neck pain or fear the strap will slide from their shoulder. Pho-Reel’s easy glide and lock vinyl coated steel cable reel with a custom stainless steel clip provides multiple ways to connect the camera to the strap. The design allows photographers to quickly move the camera from side carry, to eye or tripod.

The Pho-Reel strap loops enable photographers to carry essential accessories. The Pho-Reel Plus version enables “hands free” carry of a tripod or other camera gear in padded cases using the strap’s additional clips and tethers. Carry a second camera and even more accessories with a combination of Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus camera shoulder straps.

Hike in comfort with a tripod using the Pho-Pod. This tripod padded “scabbard” case attaches to the Pho-Reel Plus camera shoulder strap and provides a more comfortable and balanced means to carry tripods up to five-inches in diameter when folded. The Pho-Pod can be used to carry a telephoto-lens.

Photipherals designed a camouflaged rain-poncho with an integrated camera cover called Camo Rain Cape, to protect both photographer and camera from the elements while on the move or shooting. Camo Rain Cape camouflage pattern functions as a portable wildlife and bird blind. The rain cape is configured to work with most side-carry camera straps, in particular the Pho-Reel camera strap. Camo Rain Cape folds up compactly into its own carrying case.

Wildlife photographers and birding enthusiasts will stay dry and cleaner using Photipherals’ ground mat called PhorMat. The ground cover mat is made of durable, heavy gauge, waterproof camouflage-colored polyester. The mat weighs 24 ounces and is 24 x 57 inches/610 x 1450mm with a padded elbow area. The mat rolls up into approximately 2.5 inches by 24 inches/64 x 610 mm. The D-rings allow it to be clipped to the Pho-Reel Plus shoulder strap or an after-market strap of your choice.

Birding, nature, wildlife and landscape photographers can look to Photipherals for an ever evolving roadmap of innovative products with technology solutions for the digital photographer. A telephoto lens sighting tool called Phor-Sight is in the patent process. Phor-Sight will help birding photographers get the most from the auto focus function of telephoto lenses and dynamic composing especially for “Bird in Flight” (BIF) applications. Photographers operating in remote locations can look forward to innovative approaches to solar-power recharging products in the coming year.

About Photipherals, LLC
Photipherals, LLC designs, manufactures, and markets photographic peripheral equipment to meet the needs of digital photographers using interchangeable lens cameras to include DSLR and mirrorless (MILC) cameras. The company develops unique and patented products that offer benefits in efficiency, ergonomics, power, weight, mobility, and convenience.

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Composite image: e-brochure for Camo Rain Cape. Composite image shows Camouflaged Rain Cape & camera rain cover called Camo Cape "in action" and the camera rain cape that is integrated into the rain poncho.

Camo Rain Cape by Photipherals integrates a rain poncho with a camera rain cape. The Camo Rain Cape is used with side carried camera strap. It was particularly designed for Pho-Reel shoulder camera strap by Photipherals.

PhorMat provides outdoor photographers a dry area to shoot on at ground-level. Light, durable, and rolls compactly to be tethered to the Pho-Reel Plus camera strap. PhoMat by Photipherals is a ground cover mat useful to photographers shooting at ground level. The mat has uses beyond just the photographic community,

PhorMat ground tarp cover the ground to keep photographers clean & dry. It is light, durable and rolls compactly for carrying on a Pho-Reel Plus strap.

Composite image of new invention by Photipherals for assisting telephoto lens autofocus. Telephoto sighting tool, patent pending design by Photipherals.

Helps birding photographers telepho lens autofocus on birds in flight and wildlife "hidden" in the environment.

Camera strap is designed to stay on your shoulder. Hike with your tripod and take birding photos in comfort with Pho-Reel Plus. Carry two cameras with dual straps of Pho-Reel & Pho-Reel Plus. Pho-Reel Plus worn as a dual camera strap with Pho-Reel Plus with Photipherals accessories worn as a dual harness with Pho-Reel.

Pho-Reel & Pho-Reel Plus is a patent pending design. Provides comfort as a no-slip shoulder camera strap gives photographers "hands free mobility". The manikin is carryingthe Pho-Pod tripod case PhoMat on the Pho-Reel Plus clips & tethers.