GMS Publishing Announces the Release of Author Stephen J. Blakesley's Ebook "Leading Large"

GMS Publishing released on 11/14/12, author Stephen J. Blakesley's latest book, "Leading Large-Six Big Ideas to Lead Exceptionally." Leading Large is a foundation book for leaders and aspiring leaders.

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"Leading Large brings new insight to those in leadership roles and those aspiring to step into leadership roles." - Stephen J. Blakesley

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Author Blakesley lays out a foundation path to outstanding leadership achievements. "Leading Large" presents Six Big Ideas that advance leaders and leadership. Blakesley believes that the last thing industry needs is another book on leadership style. Style seems to be the rage lately, but long before style comes in to play, exceptional leaders pay close attention to the foundation.

"Leading Large" delivers a new, fresh look and the needs of leaders today. One only has to watch the evening news to see yet another leader fall. Blakesley says, "It is very difficult and nearly impossible to build on a flawed foundation." He goes on to say, "There are all kinds of leaders, Hitler was a leader with a flawed foundation of beliefs, good leaders, lasting leaders, are role models, like Lincoln, for instance. I don't knwo about you but America, could use some Lincoln like leaders today."

GMS Publishing choose the Kindle platform for a particular reason. "We wanted to get this message where it is need most-before young aspiring leaders."


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