Homes by Vanderbuilt Applauds New Innovations in Solar Housing

The recent Solar Homestead design by Appalachian State University has won the attention of pre-fabricated home professionals everywhere. Homes by Vanderbuilt, provider of eco-friendly modular homes, is encouraged by this increased focus on solar application.

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Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

As the United States of America becomes increasingly aware and concerned about existing energy applications and their impact on the environment, many researchers and industry officials have assessed the many benefits associated with renewable, alternative energy sources. Although these sustainable, low-impact solutions may prove effective, many remain difficult for the public to adopt due to issues concerning cost or feasibility. However, a recent article from Jetson Green reveals that new modular home designs which feature solar energy solutions may prove to be the most accessible form of power that will make its way into the housing market on a wider scale. Homes by Vanderbuilt is one company focused on developing green living solutions and believes that solar energy is one source of alternative energy that can easily be applied to designs found within the modular home industry.

According to the article, the recent Solar Decathlon 2011 featured the “People’s Choice Award” modular home design, known as the Solar Homestead. Designed by Appalachian State University and adopted by North Carolina-based Deltec Homes, the Solar Homestead has attracted much attention from the housing industry community. Also native to North Carolina, Homes by Vanderbuilt is encouraged to see that the state is making considerable achievements in a field that demands industry response.

As makers of the eco-friendly, Extreme Green home series, Homes by Vanderbuilt believes that it is crucial for homeowners across the country to consider ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The company remains a proponent of “net zero” housing and believes that the solar solutions outlined in the article are extremely feasible within the prefab market. Homes by Vanderbuilt comments in a recent press statement, “We believe modular homes are perfect for solar solutions. The panels can be installed at the manufacturing plant to achieve maximum efficiency. Homes by Vanderbuilt is working with our engineers to explore these options and hopes to offer a solar home soon.”

While the cost-effective nature and energy-efficient qualities of a modular home may be enough to attract the attention of residents across America, Homes by Vanderbuilt highlights the advantage of design as well. The company offers a diverse array of pre-fabricated modular home designs that can meet the needs of any family and tastes of any personality.


Homes by Vanderbuilt constructs prefabricated modular and double wide homes. In doing so, the company provides the opportunity of homeownership to Americans living in North Carolina, southern Virginia, and the northern region of South Carolina. Homes by Vanderbuilt provide living spaces that are built one section at a time and monitored closely by the quality control department. Once the modules are complete, they are transported to the property of the homeowner. Homes by Vanderbuilt is proud to provide an avenue to homeownership to its customers.


  • Charles Davidson
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