Announces Dedicated Section on Finding Financial Assistance for Single Parents.

One of the leading single parent websites announces dedicated section on finding state-wide financial assistance for single parents.

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Single parents in Texas can find specific information on where they can get help in Texas. This is particularly useful for single parents who are looking for local information on where to get help.

(PRWEB) November 27, 2012

In these current economic times, there is no doubt that many families are doing it tough financially. The families who are suffering the most financial hardship are single parent families. Not only do they carry the entire responsibility of being the primary caregiver, but they are the sole income earner as well. This can lead to significant financial and emotional strain on the single parent which is often felt by the entire family.

Many single parent families ease this financial strain by seeking financial assistance. There are various forms of assistance from the Government as well as numerous private and not for profit organizations in the US. This assistance can be in the form of single parent grants, financial aid to go back to college, housing assistance programs, welfare, and many other forms of financial help. In fact, there are many different forms of single parent help, it’s just a matter of determining what they need help with.

Financial assistance also differs within each specific US state. That was the motivation for the website to launch a specific section on finding single parent assistance for each specific US state. For example, single parents in Texas can find specific information on where they can get help for single parents in Texas. This is particularly useful for single parents who are looking for local information on where to get help.

Many single parents also find themselves wanting to go back to school but due to the high cost of tuition, they cannot afford to do so. The website also has a specific section providing information on college grants for single parents as well as single parent scholarships. This is a great resource for many single parents who are unaware of the various forms of financial aid for college on offer and therefore miss out on getting an education, simply because they cannot afford it.

In addition, the team at know that many people also struggle with budgeting on a monthly basis. They have received feedback from families with firsthand experience just how hard it is to keep track of one’s personal finances. So, the Single Parent Help Center website has provided its readers with a free personal budgeting worksheet. This worksheet is a great tool to help its reader’s track where they spend their money and importantly, how much they have left over to help prevent them from going into debt.

Single Parent Help Center also has a newsletter where new subscribers will receive a free eBook, “Great Ways To Save Money”. Along with this free book, subscribers will get access to various freebies, additional information on the latest single parent grants, and other financial assistance programs helpful for single parents which is not provided on the website.

Single Parent Help Center also have just launched a Facebook Page and have an active Twitter following where they encourage single mothers to interact with each other there. The website is really a fantastic resource for both single mothers and fathers and also provides many articles and additional information on other areas which is of great assistance. Their website gets updated with new and relevant information weekly, so be sure to check back regularly.


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